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Programs in specialized business topics to strengthen your professional profile
Programs in specialized business topics to strengthen your professional profile

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Are cognitive biases getting in the way of your team’s creativity? Instructor Susan Robertson explains how we sometimes act as our own worst creative partners.

#Creativity #Innovation #Business #Harvard 

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How to Lead Successful Innovation: Lessons from Experts

Your firm’s ability to innovate again and again is critical to its success—just as it has been for Intuit, Apple, Google, and other market leaders. But the dismal fact is that most innovation efforts fail. So how can you improve the odds for your company?

#innovation #strategy #Harvard

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Why Marketers Should Start Thinking Like Designers

How do you integrate #designthinking into your work?

#harvard #marketing

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Emotional Intelligence Is No Soft Skill

Which is more important to your career success, technical knowledge or emotional intelligence? Surprisingly, research has shown that a command of emotional intelligence not only is a proven differentiator in the competitive climb up the corporate ladder, but also helps to boost organizational performance.

Our latest blog post examines how managers and leaders at top companies like Sanofi and Motorola are using their emotional intelligence to inspire employees and team members to go above and beyond the call of duty.

#emotionalintelligence #harvard #professionaldevelopment #leadership  

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Negotiating with Purpose

From the daily personal negotiations we navigate, to business transactions and complex international dealings, familiarity with negotiation strategies can lead to more successful outcomes.

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Top Skills Every PR Professional Should Have

Communications professions are more dynamic today than they have ever been. And with the shifting media landscape, the plethora of channels and digital tools, and the influence of audience preferences and expectations, public relations practitioners in the field must continuously evolve or face antiquation.

#pr   #publicrelations   #professionaldevelopment   #harvard  

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Developing a Business Strategy for Your Small Business

A good business strategy includes an array of different approaches, some of which may not be tailored to the small business owner. Learn what it takes to hone your own strategy and thrive in the small-business world.

#businessstrategy   #smallbusiness   #harvard   #professionaldevelopment  

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"The Harvard Division of Continuing Education in Cambridge, Mass., for one, touts a slate of two-day-long Professional Development Programs scheduled throughout the year on the legendary Harvard campus."

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4 Negotiation Skills for Obtaining the Optimal Result

When it comes to negotiation, many people either love it or dread it. In this blog post, instructor Maurie Kelly expands on these 4 tips to help you become a better negotiator:

1. Understand your strengths and weaknesses
2. Plan and prepare
3. Understand your emotions
4. Practice makes perfect

Read the whole blog post:

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