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Adam Melville
Kiwi soprano saxophonist living in the Windy City.
Kiwi soprano saxophonist living in the Windy City.

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Some Weekend Listening - Duke & Mingus
This weekend I finally made the trek up to Bob's Blues and Jazz Mart. The store is fantastically chaotic. There's stuff everywhere and you feel like you're on a treasure hunt (I was enjoying browsing so much that it never occurred to me to snap a couple of ...

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Solid Fun: Gunter Hampel & Christian Weidner
I started listening to Christian Weidner shortly before meeting him in Greece during my 2009 travels. As I picked up his albums over the years since, I ran into a mention of Solid Fun - a duo with vibraphonist/bass clarinetist Gunter Hampel. I added it a fe...

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Pics from NYC

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NZ Music Month: Root 70 - Luxury Habits
Root 70: Luxury Habits ( nWog Records ) Nils Wogram (trb) Hayden Chisholm (as) Matt Penman (b) Jochen Rueckert (d) The latest
album from one of my favorite groups arrived in the mail last week. Luxury Habits is the 8 th album by Root 70 (9th if you include ...

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Miles Davis Blindfold Test
Down Beat split the Miles Davis "Blindfold Test" over two issues (June 13 &27, 1968) giving Miles plenty of room to share his opinions with Leonard Feather . Click on the image to view PDF of part 1 and part 2. More vintage magazine articles are available h...

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NZ Music Month: Lucien Johnson - Stinging Nettles
Johnson/Silva/Sato:  Stinging Nettles  (Improvising Beings) Lucien Johnson  (ts) Alan Silva (b) Makoto Sato (d) November 2006, Paris.  Lucien was a year a head of me at music school (and light years a head of me as a musician!). Although back then he had th...

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NZ Music Month: The Truth Isn't Always Ornamental
Bleakley/Crayford/Donaldson: The Truth Isn’t Always Ornamental (Rough Peel Records) Patrick Bleakley (b) Jonathan Crayford (p)
Anthony Donaldson (d) I stumbled across this 2016 release quite
by accident a couple of months ago. There is a slightly hypnotic

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NZ Music Month: C.L. Bob
As it is NZ Music Month, I'm going to try and write a little each week on some NZ jazz albums that I have been listening to. Stay tuned for more. I'm kicking things off with the self-titled release from C.L. Bob (Yellow Eye) - Steve Cournane (Drums) David L...

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Matthew Shipp: To Duke
Matthew Ship Trio : To Duke (Rogue Art) Shipp (piano) Michael Bisio (bass) Whit Dickey (drums) recorded June 2014 I admit that I'm usually a bit suspicious of tribute albums, but the little I have heard from Matthew Shipp gave me the feeling that this album...

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Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Withdrawal
Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Withdrawal Kenny Wheeler (trp/flugel) Paul Rutherford
(trb) Trevor Watts (as/oboe/flute/voice) Evan Parker (ss/ts) Derek Bailey (g)
Barry Guy (b/p) John Stevens (d) and pretty much everyone plays percussion. Recorded in September...
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