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Wind Chime and Breezy Setup
Breezy is a PC application that simulates a spectrophotometer. Wind Chime is a library, service and tools app that provides the communications to a spectrophotometer. The Wind Chime Service runs in its own process, the Breeze app will bind to the service an...

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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy This post is about the Privacy Policy for Pig Dog Bay apps, including CleverDic Crossword Solver, Anagram Solver, Angram Solver iOS, Weight Tracker, Mortgage Calculator and Codeword Solver. I am a developer based in the UK, I work as a sole t...

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Codeword Solver v1.0
Codeword Solver is a new App for Android to help you with your Codeword puzzles. Codewords, also known as Codebreakers are puzzles like crosswords but without any clues, instead each square is given a number, 1 to 26, and you have to find the corresponding ...

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Weight Tracker v1.18 and Pro v2.02
At long last a new version of Weight Tracker and Weight Tracker Pro is now available for Android on the Google Play Store. The main new feature here, and the most requested, is the ability to sync your data across devices, quickly and easily. To do this, th...

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CleverDic Pro v1.01
A new release of CleverDic Crossword Solver Pro v1.01 will be available from 1st Oct 2016. It has been a long time since v1.00 but all good things take time and so there are plenty of new exciting new features. Material Design User Interface The user interf...

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Anagram Solver v1.08
Anagram Solver v1.08 for Android will be available from 20th September 2016 New Search Features Blank Letters - use + as a blank letter, eg scrabb++ will find scrabble Supergrams - find larger words containing your letters, enter starwars to find warmhearte...

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Anagram Solver Pro v1.03
Release date: 12th Aug 2016

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Anagram Solver v1.07
Release Date 5th August 2016

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Thor Calibration
Version 1.05 of Thor now supports Factory Calibration, this is  similar to the calibration procedure used for the SMP40's during production. The calibration uses the F200 Precision Thermometer from ASL. The thermometer is connected to the Beagle computer us...

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Auto Melt
Thor v1.04 now has the functionality to carry out a fully automated melting point measurement. Follow the steps below to perform your own AutoMelt. Check Camera Settings Make sure that the auto exposure and auto white balance are manual/off. Remember to pre...
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