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Azure Boone
Writer of paranormal romance involving demons and angels
Writer of paranormal romance involving demons and angels

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Can a dom and a dom like, you know... without killing each other, or fighting??? Can't we just like agree to both be aggressively passionate???

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Just went live, and my first 5 star review came in!!! I'm so relieved. Nail biter with this last book in the series.

5.0 out of 5 stars Omg awesome third installment, February 13, 2014
By Patricia statham - See all my reviews
What can I say but holy , what a roller coaster ride , I went on reading the last book . Micah and Sarah sure took us on a ride .the unconditional love they have is unbelievable . The way she helped him and didn't want to die without him proved that love runs deep. The relationship with religion wasn't a deturant at all . It made the book better . I loved it . Azure you have another great hit on your hands

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THIRD book in the series coming out sometime today

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#FREE  today. My book MEET ME. Not all online affairs end like you think.


I glanced over at my sleeping husband, frustrated. As usual. I turned my attention back to my Kindle. 

Flashes of my husband’s sweaty body on another woman’s obliterated the joy and rapture my little book world fantasies attempted to give. I put the e-book on the night table and brought my knees up to stave the pain that now clenched the air right out of my chest. I strained under the pressure of it, wondering if I would ever not see that nightmare in my head. Bastard. How could he do that to me? Why did I stay? What was the point? 

The kids.

My eyes ached with the gather of tears. It wasn’t the kid’s fault I had an unfaithful husband. I had grounds for divorce, but did I have grounds to make them suffer for my lousy choices? Not only that, where would I go? What would I do? With eight kids? No man would want me now. Well, six kids still at home. That was a lot to most. I was forty-two and used up. I didn’t just have baggage, I had a U-Haul with six overstuffed suitcases. 

If only he was half the husband he was a father. Bastard. Or if only he’d beat me, then I’d have to leave. But no. He just treated me like…like nobody special, not somebody he desired or needed, or even wanted. I was the mother to his children, the housekeeper, the bookkeeper, the peacekeeper, the shit eating saint. 

I burrowed down into my pillow. My children were worth it. Hell yes they were. Plus this was the right thing to do. There was always that comfort. I’d pretend for them. Pretend we were in love. John was good at pretending that around them. After all, he knew that was important for the kids to see. After all, he was a preacher, a godly man. 


Lord, help me not hate that man. You know I can’t do this hating him. And help me not kill him. Help me last till the kids are grown, then we’ll just happen to buy a camp and he’ll just happen to live there most of the time while I stay at home. And he wonders why I’m on the computer all the time. How dare he dare he? If it weren’t for my online friends, where in the world would I be? In jail for murder, that’s where. 

I thought about Steve, the new guy in their Facebook group. What a flatterer. 

You have the face of an angel. 

I opened my eyes for the mere sake of rolling them. Like I’d be stupid enough to just believe the dude actually meant a single word he said. He was probably inboxing every other woman in the group in every group on Facebook. What I wouldn’t give to just know that. Bust him. 

He was fun, though. Funny too. Mr. Witty. Mr. Clever. Mr. make all the women want him. Profile pic all hot. Probably fat as a barn with titties bigger than mine. Well, that wouldn’t take much. Titties bigger than my ass, then. And an inverted penis. I giggled at the image in my head. 

And Morgan! He surely didn’t like the dude. It was kinda cute how much he inboxed me about being wary of him. If I didn’t know better, he seemed jealous. I smiled, happy with the idea that he might be. Morgan was such a damn sweetie. What I wouldn’t give to have a husband like that. So damn attentive and supportive. Even supported my sad attempts at writing. Always finding something sweet and encouraging to say, making me feel like I could accomplish anything. Now that there was one hell of a man. And always respectful. Loved Morgan for that. Just hated how I didn’t know what he looked like. Probably best. 

I want to meet you.

Steve’s words played in my head. 

Steve, Steve, stupid, Steve. There for only two weeks and making that kind of move. And oh, the way Morgan came unglued when I’d told him Stevo inboxed that to me! Even confronted him in the main group. Like a Knight! Sha! I really needed to thank him tomorrow. Even though it was way overboard, it was the thought that counted. 

Wonder what Mr. Stevie was doing now? Probably jacking off to some woman’s naked pic. Maybe Sally’s. He seemed to be into her too. Liking all her shit she posted like a little horny puppy. Wonder if he carried on conversations with her in private too? What a player. I needed to talk to the girls about him. See what they thought. Find out who all he was being fresh with. Lois had the nose of a cyber-hound dog, she could find shit out. And Gloria missed her calling as a detective. And Sheri…well she was an all-around mastermind in general. They’d find out. 

I smiled, thanking God for them. They were road blocks between me and the cliff that called to me daily. The one that Thelma and Louise drove right the hell off of. 


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This is still #FREE  
I got a great 5 star review on it since it went Live. These kinds of reviews really make writing a story worth it

5.0 out of 5 stars
Holy Sugar Cookies!  February 1, 2014
By syrina
Amazon Verified Purchase

Absolutely loved the smut out of this novel. Lots of sexual tension, out right belly rolling laughter, big fat tear jerking moments, and emotional turmoil in every wonderful word I read. This book had the most amazing sizzle, burn, bump, and grind sex scenes that about burned my kindle... and myself up!

Daniel was a self destructing, raging, emotional and very broken man until he met Sofia. Sofia was a caring, free-loving sweet spirit who had much laughter to share. Together they learned to live, love, share, and mend a broken family all while creating one of their own.

This book puts a big fat emotional stamp on abuse that leaves a lingering stamp on the lives of all survivors. Thank you to Azure Boone for spreading awareness to all of us.

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My #BROKEN  novel is #FREE  today, Saturday, and Sunday. 

This a compilation of 4 books. BROKEN DESIRES, BROKEN LIES, BROKEN SOULS, and BROKEN FREE. I re-edited it to read like a novel. 

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