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Seksikas Devils, Deamon Headshots.
Technically not Demons, but Devils this time around - there's a huge difference, trust me, at least as far as I'm concerned.

I wanted to try one a little different and throw two head in there, just to see how it would work.I'm really happy with the results...

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Quhmax Demon, Demons Headshots
I wanted to to try something a little weirder looking for this shoot, I think I was mostly successful. I also figured I'd do a white Demon this time, in the past I always haven't been all that happy with how the white makeup turned out - I thought I'd figur...

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Oranassi Demon, Demon Headhsots.
The latest in the Demon Headshots series. It took a little longer to get the colour right on this one than I'd planned, it look several layers, a little Pax paint and a touch of airbrushing I managed to get it pretty damned seamless looking. As usual, becau...

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Okchakko Demon, Demon Headshots.
The latest in my Demon Headshots series. I'm realizing now that this is a great series to do during winter, inside, anywhere, night or day, weather doesn't really matter. I might ease off on them during the summer and pick up doing them again next winter, a...

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You like sales? You like gluing foam latex to your face? For the month of April there will be several sales and specials at The Monkey Rodeo Etsy store.

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Banya Demon. Demon Headshots
Another round of "Demon Headshots". A pretty simple shoot overall.

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Modri Demon
This is the second of a new series of photo shoots I'm trying out that I'm just calling Demon Headshots. The idea is just as it sounds, a series of pictures of headshots of Demons.It focuses more on the makeup, I get to play around with some simple yet dram...

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Xekri Demon
I had been planning this shoot for some time - sort of. I wanted to an all black demon but didn't really know what I wanted to do as far as prosthetics. For about 6-7 months or more whenever I was running foam to make prosthetics, I'd include a few horns in...

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Demons in Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2016.
This years round of Demons in Ugly Christmas Sweaters.I had intended to do two more, but a last minute broken mould, bad scheduling, the flu and crappy weather just made it too much work, so we've only got 5 this year. I need to plan earlier for next year, ...

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New Prosthetics
Now that Halloween is over and I sort of have some free time (although still very little) I've been working at turning out some new prosthetics. 3 new pairs of ears, 2 new large-ish horns, a few new nose pieces and 3 or 4 new full face pieces, as well as a ...
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