Why is gnu make and environment variables so prevalent in the Ada community?

Recently I've been taking another look at the Google Go language and the thing that immediately struck me is how streamlined and well adopted across the community their built tool is.

You can generally download a project from the web (github, bitbucket, custom url) and all it's dependencies and compile it with a single command.

go get github.com/mulander/gosnitch

What strikes me is that Ada had gnatmake and gprbuild for so long and yet gnu make and setting up environment variables for libraries seems to be the goto solution for most project built by the community.

Why are we at this point? Are there some technological barriers with the current tools that force us to use make and family and raise the entry barrier to the language?

Just looking at AWS and the required manual work I would have to do to built it on a Windows box made me drop the idea of writing some small one-off tools in Ada.

Can anyone shed some light on the current state of the situation?
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