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Chicago wedding DJ / Chicago DJ
Chicago wedding DJ / Chicago DJ


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A Chicago wedding DJ you'll absolutely love! 5-star rated Chicago DJ on Wedding Wire, Yelp, Google and The Knot, and A+ rated by the BBB. This Chicago DJ video will introduce us, and tell you how to contact us. #ChicagoDJ   #ChicagoWeddingDJ  
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Does Your Wedding Really Need Special Effects Uplighting?  

If your wedding budget has room for lighting, you're in for a great experience. Here are some points to ponder, as you consider lighting your wedding dining room.

#ChicagoWeddingLighting   #ChicagoUplighting  
Modern uplights can match your décor perfectly. With the magic of LED uplighting and DMX controls, your lights can be fine-tuned to millions of color variations, including the colors you've chosen.
A lifeless room typically means a lifeless party. But animated uplighting, with color transitions, chases and strobes, can ignite the entire room, and drive your guests to the dance floor for non-stop dancing.
Venue uplighting vs. DJ uplighting. If your wedding venue offers uplights, they typically are set to one of a handful of pre-programmed colors; and that's how they stay -- all night -- even when your guests dance. Static, non-moving light can actually drain the energy from your dance floor. A lighting company can set up single-color lights, or even program them for a single pattern when dancing starts. But a DJ who provides his own uplighting can actually run the lighting effects, so they change colors and patterns, and change to match the speed and energy of each new song. It's worth the extra money to let your DJ provide your lighting.
Uplighting for outdoor events. If you're having an outdoor wedding with dinner and dancing in a plain white tent, you desperately need uplighting! There is nothing more sterile than a pure white room -- an empty slate. Adding lighting changes everything! Suddenly, your space is alive with color; and most uplights can be aimed toward the middle of the ceiling, to make the entire space come to life.
Your name in lights. Adding monogram lighting with your names or initials can really put your individual stamp on your special day. Today's monograms can be cut from metal plates with a virtually infinite combination of artwork, fonts and messages. For a little more money, a special glass monogram can include a picture of the two of you; and it can be colored to match your room. Your monogram light can be projected onto a wall, or onto your dance floor.

Dance floor lighting. If you can't afford uplighting, a cheaper alternative is dance floor lighting. Most DJs offer 5 or 6 different lighting effects, including a disco ball for slow dancing, in their light shows.
When you DON'T need lighting. If you're having a daytime wedding outdoors, or in a room surrounded by windows, you don't need lighting. If you're having a summer wedding with a 9pm sunset, and your wedding reception ends at 10pm, you won't get much bang for your buck from a light show. If your wedding is held at the top of a skyscraper like the John Hancock Center or the Sears/Willis Tower, you already have the world's best light show outside your windows. If your party room has fluorescent lighting that's either on or off, and can't be dimmed, you're out of luck. The room lights will have to stay on all night, and a light show would be a waste of money. Finally, if your party room has dark walls, you won't get the full benefit of a light show; lighting is better with white or light-colored walls.
See it for yourself. Ask your DJ to show you his lighting options in action, so you can make an informed decision. If he won't show you, hire someone else.
Your wedding guests' most lasting memories of your reception will be their first impression upon entering your dining room, and the fun they had on the dance floor. Elegant uplighting makes a great first impression, and turns your dance floor into a virtual explosion of color, sound and motion. You'll know it was worth the money when all of your guests rave to you about what a great time they had. 

© Fourth Estate Audio, 2016 - Jay Congdon is president of Fourth Estate Audio, a professional Chicago DJ and Chicago Wedding DJ company.
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What to Do Between Your Ceremony and Reception 
#ChicagoWeddingDJ   #ChicagoDJ #ChicagoWeddingAdvice  

If your wedding reception venue is different from your ceremony venue, here's how to productively use the time between your ceremony and reception.

Eat dinner! You thought you were going to eat at your reception, didn't you? Well, your guests will have other ideas. Every one of them will want face time with you, just as your meal is served; and by the time you've talked with them all, your table will have already been cleared. Rather than face the last three hours of your reception on the verge of starvation and exhaustion, plan ahead and fuel up! Consider it a bonus if you're able to get a mouthful of food at the reception.
Take lots of pictures. Your gown, make-up and hair are at their best right now; and chances are, your lighting will be at its best in the afternoon. Take advantage of it, and get lots of pictures of you and your new spouse before you head for the reception.
Time for touch-ups. Before you leave for the reception, take a good look at yourself in a mirror. You may need to fix your face and have your stylist freshen your "do." Your Maid of Honor should be at your side with all those little emergency provisions like pins, hair spray, lipstick and so forth.
Change out of your heels. It's time to get comfortable. Flats are better for a reception. Even thong sandals or TOMS are more appropriate for dancing. This is no time to fall off your heels and sprain an ankle just before your honeymoon.
Thank your families. They'll all be gathered together while the rest of your guests head off to the reception. Now is the perfect time to pull your parents, grandparents and other special people aside to thank them individually for everything they've done. You won't have time at the reception. So do it now.
Find some private time. Get away from the chaos, just the two of you, and marvel together at what you've just done. If you want to share letters you've written for each other, this is the time. Most importantly, take time to remember that, long after the celebration is over and the guests have left, you'll still have each other for the rest of your lives. 
Have an adult beverage. Perhaps you can arrange for a special celebratory cocktail to be delivered to the two of you right after the ceremony. You probably won't be drinking a lot at your reception. So a quiet toast beforehand will give you a chance to bond and prepare. 
Meet and greet. Many couples choose to have a reception line at the church or temple, so they've already said hello to everyone, and there is less pressure to find and greet every guest at the reception. If you don't have a receiving line, use your cocktail hour to say hello to the people who've come a great distance, and those you haven't seen in years.
Think of the time between your ceremony and reception as a time-management opportunity. Using it correctly can free up a lot of your time and energy at the reception, and let you relax and party with your friends, instead of working and micro-managing to the very end of your big night.

To learn more about Chicago wedding DJ and Chicago DJ service by Fourth Estate Audio,  just follow this link:
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Real Chicago Wedding : Amanda and Joe Schlagel welcomed their guests to a totally fun reception at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora. Here are the pictures. The Chicago wedding DJ pros from Fourth Estate Audio provided the soundtrack for dinner in the Stout Room and dancing in the adjoining Lager Room. Learn more about Fourth Estate at #ChicagoWeddingDJ   #ChicagoDJ   #ChicagoWeddingLighting   #RealChicagoWedding
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Newly Engaged? Brace Yourself for 10 Scary Surprises. Here's How to Deal with Them. #ChicagoDJ   #ChicagoWeddingDJ   #ChicagoWeddingAdvice  
Your Chicago wedding may not match the fantasies they sell in the magazines. But with smart planning, it can come awfully close. Here are some tips.

1. If you're looking for an outdoor venue for a weekend wedding ceremony, and your wedding date is less than a year away, you're probably already out of luck. Garden venues tend to book up at least 12 to 15 months in advance. Book early!
2. Getting married at home may cost you MORE, not less, than booking a church/temple and banquet hall. On-site catering is expensive. Rented chairs, tables and linens are expensive. Tent rentals are expensive. And rented dance floors can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Shop and compare, then decide whether a home wedding is for you.
3. Your groom may spend months being passive, almost inattentive, to your planning efforts, only to take an interest at the last minute and demand lots of expensive and difficult changes. Protect yourself by forcing him - yes, forcing him - to take a more active role in your planning right from the start. Any disagreements on décor, entertainment, meals and so forth are better addressed while there are still months, not days, to reach amicable compromises.
4. Do you know why you're marrying him/her? If you're having a church or temple wedding, your priest/rabbi/minister may ask you to declare such important information as why you chose your mate and where you see your marriage going in 10, 20 or 40 years. 
5. You don't really need to make an appointment with a store to join its gift registry. No self-respecting store clerk is going to let you and a fat commission check walk out the door, just because you made it a little inconvenient for her. BUT you'll get much friendlier service if you follow proper etiquette and make an appointment.
6. Your guests will remember how comfortable (or uncomfortable) you made them feel. If your ceremony will be outdoors in the summer heat or rain, or the autumn chill, providing such essentials as sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, fans, umbrellas and throw blankets will go a long way toward ensuring your guests have a positive memory of sitting through your ceremony.
7. Small town weddings may require big city vendors. Most small towns don't have event vendors capable of handling every phase of planning a big party or reception. It's better to pay a few extra dollars for experienced professionals, than trust a small-time photographer, DJ, florist, baker or planner who usually books bowling banquets to put on a truly professional wedding celebration. 
8. Once you start planning your wedding, it will consume your every waking moment. You'll find that you can't just book a venue, take a couple months off, book a DJ, take a couple more months off, book hotel rooms, etc. Web sites like Wedding Wire have 16-month planning timelines, and you'll be surprised to see that there's a lot of work involved, and it's easy to fall behind if you get lazy.

9. Your food and cake tastings should always be held at least a week apart. Give your stomach time to stretch back into shape, and give your taste buds time to savor all the flavors a little at a time. 
10. The best way to cut your costs, is to invite fewer people. Yes, there are ways to substitute cheaper booze, cheaper food and other wedding essentials. But a smaller guest list means less space to rent, fewer meals to prepare, and best of all, more time to spend with each guest.

Take it from experienced wedding planners. Getting control of your wedding planning early will take a lot of the stress out of your planning experience, and leave you free to enjoy those special moments that you'll remember when you're both old and gray.

To learn more about Chicago wedding DJ and Chicago DJ service by Fourth Estate Audio,  just follow this link:
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Eight "Must-Do's" for the Day/Night Before Your Wedding
You're 24 hours from the finish line of your perfect Chicago wedding. Here's how to make the best, most productive use use of that time.

Check in with your vendors. One last check with your photographer, DJ, florist, baker, stylist and so forth will put your mind at ease that everyone will arrive at the proper time and be ready when it matters.
Pamper yourself. Go to the spa and get the works - massage, wrap, manicure, pedicure, facial, and whatever else will relax you for your big day. But DON'T try any new treatments you've never tried before. You don't want to wake up on your wedding day with a raging rash.
Make sure your gadgets work. Charge your camera. Pack an extra charger and memory card. Make sure you have all your power cords and patch cables. 
Pack your emergency kit. By now you should know what you'll need at each of the day's venues. Itemize your list, and have a separate bag for each venue - church/temple, reception hall, hotel, etc. If you need help, check this master list.
Practice your vows. Your officiant should have provided you the actual words you'll be asked to repeat. It's a good idea to rehearse, just in case there's a phrase that gives you trouble. If you wrote your own vows, a little rehearsal is even more important. 
Reminisce. Spend some quiet time looking back on your courtship. Open up your photo album (or computer file) and let the memories wash over you. Quietly contemplate how wonderful it is that you've found your perfect mate.
Share time with those closest to you. Remember, everyone at your wedding reception will want "face time" with you. The day before your wedding is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family and closest friends, whether it's over the phone, across the table at Starbucks or Denny's, or just at home. Let them know how special they are to you.

Sleep. You’ve done everything you needed to do. Now it's time to relax and trust that you've chosen good people to help you put on the wedding of your dreams. Don't stay out all night. Find your quiet space, whether it's in front of a book, in front of the TV, or in a relaxing bath. Get plenty of sleep.
If you follow these tips, you'll arrive at your wedding relaxed, confident, and ready for whatever the day throws at you. Remember, in 24 hours you're going to be married to your favorite person in the whole wide world. Enjoy your final victory lap!

Was This Article Helpful? It's just another resource we provide you, to help you plan a unique, stress-free and FUN celebration.

© Fourth Estate Audio, 2016 - Jay Congdon is president of Fourth Estate Audio, a professional  #ChicagoDJ and #ChicagoWeddingDJ company.
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Real Chicago Wedding

A Chicago DJ from Fourth Estate Audio provided a personalized soundscape for Laura and PJ Jayawardene's elegant wedding ceremony and reception at the Redfield Estate in Glenview.  Learn more at or (630) 654-4440. #ChicagoDJ #ChicagoDJWedding     #ChicagoWeddingDJ     
Real Wedding - Jayawardene 5-18-14
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Chicago Uplighting by Fourth Estate Audio. It's Gorgeous!  And it can be personalized to electrify your banquet room. Click inside to see some of our great sights... Learn more about us at or (630) 654-4440.  #ChicagoUplighting #ChicagoWeddingLighting   #ChicagoPartyLighting
Chicago Uplighting - Fourth Estate Audio
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Real Chicago Wedding  Laura and Evan Carroll's Chicago Wedding Lighting and DJ...  The professionals at Fourth Estate Audio provided great sound and light for this fabulous wedding.  To learn more, visit or call (630) 654-4440.     #ChicagoWeddingDJ    #ChicagoDJ    #ChicagoWeddingLighting #RealChicagoWedding
Real Wedding - Carroll 4-5-2014
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Real Chicago Wedding: A Chicago wedding DJ from Fourth Estate Audio provided the soundtrack for Kami and Steve's dazzling wedding at Ruffled Feathers Golf Club in Lemont. Learn more at or 630.654.4440.

#ChicagoWeddingDJ   #ChicagoWeddingLighting   #ChicagoUplighting   #ChicagoDJ     #RealChicagoWedding
Real Wedding - Vinke 3-15-2014
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