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Tim Groth
Data scientist, gamer, dad.
Data scientist, gamer, dad.

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This game is damn good. Both to play and to read.

The session I ran of it for my group included hijacking a propaganda broadcast from one of the God-Kings and making an edict heavily implying the abolishment of different social classes.
I released Chariot a few months ago and it's still out there. It's legitimately the best game thing I have ever written and it's been available at Indiepressrevolution for those of you who find DTRPG troublesome.
IPR :: PDFs :: Chariot:...
IPR :: PDFs :: Chariot:...
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Trying to decide which Netrunner deck to play next and focus on refining.

Reporter gobbles up R&D through keyhole + eater, with judicious use of blackmail.


Professional criminal making bank with account siphoning and viral assaults.


Scrounging shaper using Faust to rip up ICE for shits and giggles.

So many choices.
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I'm getting into Netrunner on and man I'm liking this corp deck I made. Pretty basic Argus Security stuff. I was down 6-0 against a really good criminal deck, partially because I wasn't paying enough attention and put down an agenda instead of an asset and got the bad luck of the runner picking that server.

However, he ran my HQ next and hit the Snare! I'd been holding from the beginning. And I had two dedicated response teams ready to go. The runner flatted from the ensuing 7 damage.
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The National RPG Examiner interviewed me! Read about Riders and share!
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18.15, first go

Neighbors that tagging is working for: +duncan mcphedran +Christian Sturke 

+Michael Prescott did the art for me, because I liked the look of his and I'm not at all good at such things. Not all the labels are in place yet, but I really can't complain on account of not doing it myself.

Port Wain (13.4 / 14.4)
This is the primary port of the area. Most cattle being moved comes here, either to move live or be butchered. Likewise crops processed into more transportable forms.

Amberhome (7.6)
What started as a central location for the milling and brewing of the wheat harvested on the surrounding farmland has become a large city, rivaling lost Greyhart City (9.12) in size and wealth. City estates of the wealthier landowners are clustered on the outside, with a few nearby country estates belonging to the city founders who have a stake in its running.

The Exchange (5.9)
A trading town where farming families deal with the ranchers.

Smoglief (10.3)
A town transitioning from farms to metallurgy as a primary industry, taking advantage of the metals found in the nearby hills.

Haybaum (7.2)
A tiny city that provides crops for a number of the nearby ranches and serves as a version of the Exchange for the north.

Greyhome (8.9)
A city in the shadow of Greyhart Manor. Where most of the commerce of the Greyhart family happens, after the loss of Greyhart City.

Baumfell (11.12)
A lost city.

Underhund (5.11)
A lost city

Greyhart Manor
Lord Greyhart's family has held the land since coming with the original wave of arrivals. The family has suffered quite a bit as the dangers to the south of where their home was built led to the loss of several of the first cities. Still, the grazing and farming lands have made the family wealthy, though much of this is spent on maintaining a fighting force and hiring mercenaries to help keep the remaining southern communities safe.

Waiting for the feedback on freelance work for a new client is always agonizing. Especially given their projected workload and proximity to where I am; it would be great and convenient to have them as a steady client.
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I need to find someone to play Murderous Ghosts with via GChat on Halloween, after the kids are asleep. I'm fairly sure there is a shared deck thing out there.
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Yeah, we're just not that good at appropriate probability assessment.
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Watching the Civilization Beyond Earth gameplay trailer solidified the issue I have with the series. It isn't just that I don't care for the military mini game and how central it is; I don't agree with the inherent statement about civilizations that is tied up with it.

By having production be a matter of either making buildings / wonders, which produce static bonuses, or active military units it makes the statement that the most interesting and active, as well as a very important, part of a culture's material legacy is military units. While military is important, it seems to me that the fixation on that as opposed to other products that are active skews the game. Having a large portion of your civilization required to be hitched to military production to engage in a not that fun pseudo-game of tactical combat isn't that fun, and it really doesn't make sense in terms of what the game is about.

More active cities and buildings and so forth that need curation and choices (more in depth balancing acts on consequences for instance), would be more interesting in my opinion. Likewise a projected zone of military force, with military units being default animations from conflicting military zones and the sort as well as specialty builds for when you really need something. As opposed to having a whole city churning out archers or whatever.
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