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Tomcat 6 Session expired
I have a web app written in JSF Spring Hibernate and I serve the webapp behind an apache http container trough ProxyPass. Everything was working ok, until recently I have a situation where the the users were not able to log in: the error message was " Your ...

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JavaScript CI - The Next Generation
A few months back, I start working with JavaScript. Since I am full convinced about the benefits of the Continuous Integration (CI) methodology, I have start to get familiar with CI in the context of JavaScript. CI is a methodology which can be adopt in any...

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Jenkins Gerrit Trigger and Gerrit 2.8 /RTFM
Yesterday I upgrade my Gerrit from version 2.7 on 2.8. The reason for the upgrade was the improved possibility to search now also in the commit message. For more details have a look at in the  doc . The update was ok and run without any problems. The proble...

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Grails integration test
when I try to run test-app integration: MessageDataSpec then the test is failing with an error like this: Method on class
[*.MessageData] was used outside of a Grails
application. If running in the context of a test using the mocking API
or bootstrap Gra...

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Jenkins integration test with ssl
A few days back, after a colleague has push his new integration test, our Jenkins has started be unstable. The test was implying to work with a https URL, on a local area network. The https was using self-signed certificate. Actually no big deal, but in the...

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Maven Release Plugin
For some days i have done some updates of my CI environment and i was surprised that my maven release plugin was not working correctly anymore. After long search in different mailing list and forums i find something that was close to my problem.

My proble...
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