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Chris Cooper
A Professor committed to research that affects ordinary and extraordinary people.
A Professor committed to research that affects ordinary and extraordinary people.

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DENY, DENY, DENY. Gene doping: the future of theatre?
Deny, Deny, Deny is written by Jonathan Maitland and is due to open at
the Park Theatre, London on November 2 nd . I was
the scientific advisor for this play, which deals with a female sprinter
tempted into experimenting with gene doping. I wrote a short pi...

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Bloody Olympics: Rio, 2016, and the history of illegal blood doping
The below is a reprint of a bog I wrote for Oxford University Press to  coincide with the Olympics. Nothing new really, but it was nice to put things in a historical context. To see the original story (with pictures) go to

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Rio Olympics 2016 and doping stories
Most of the interest for me happened pre the Games of course and the "will they, won't they" allow Russia to compete saga. Not surprisingly during the games my TV and radio interviews weren't about science, but about athletes response to other athletes. The...

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Sharapova, Pound and Seppelt: Tacking Doping in Sport 2016
I’ve just come back from this two-day conference at Twickenham stadium. To
get there I waited once again at the bus stop I used to spend my teenage life hanging
around – a situation made me feel both strangely young and
old at the same time. But what of the...

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Paula Radcliffe, Sky News and me
What I feared from my last blog has come true. It
looks as if athletes are going to be “forced” my media (or political!) pressure
to reveal their blood passport data – well every athlete who is successful in a
high profile sport at least. In this context I ...

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Doping at the World Athletics Championships – part 1
title indicates that I think these championships might take up more than one of
my blogs! Indeed the Sunday Times/IAAF doping story has already messed up my
holiday. I was pestered by well meaning journalists while visiting Yorkshire.
Fortunately I was f...

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Wheatgrass juice, Channel 4, and blood oxygen – the data says no!
I just did
a piece for Channel 4 on their superfoods program ( ).
It was looking into the claim that wheatgrass juice improved blood oxygen
content; allegedly this works by increasing the amount o...

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Epo and doping accusations in the Tour de France – the numbers never lie (or do they?)
I was
struck by the vehemance of the current anti-Froome accusations. So I thought I
would add my tuppence worth to this story. First let me nail my colours to the
mast. I have a lot of sympathy with Sir Dave Brailsford when he says “ "It is not possible to...

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Catch me if you can – the science
I haven’t been able to
blog for a while, in part due to work constraints, but also due to working on
my next book ( Blood: A Very Short
Introduction ). Still the book will be finished by the end of this month and
I should have more time to write soon. Still...

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Changes to blog
Dear readers, I have chosen to make some
changes to this blog: 1            I have instigated a rolling program of deleting
older blogs. The blog is not meant as a formal reference site and this is to
ensure that the information in the blog remains up to da...
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