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hahahahaha Be sure to tune in next week for RootzLive and Android After Dark! hahahahahahahahhahahhaha
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+james bricknell Nope. We don't record Android After dark. I think it was 2 1/2 hours long. We only record the Rootz Live episodes.
darn I was hoping for recorded sessions. Deployed right now and can't see the live stream
Quality in Hangouts suck. No way to moderate the show. Audio in Hangouts suck.
Last night was amazing, thanks all! And yes, AAD should NEVER be recorded lol WAY too much incriminating evidence! On that note, now to go grab Skype and try to remember my logon lol
Hahahaha my name is in the irc chat like three times (bubbathevtog)
Who got drunk and thought they were an Avenger? Lmao
What did the five fingers say to the face? SMAAAACK!
Aww, I missed it. Why can't After Dark be during the day? What?
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