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‎"I said it’s not good that he [Steve Jobs] is dead, but it’s good that he is gone. The reason I said it was because he was an evil genius, who did harm to the world. He figured out how to make computers that were prisons for the users, and he made them attractive, so that many users got attracted to the glamour, to be handcuffed. After he did this, Microsoft started doing the same thing. So he changed the world for the worse, and we are still fighting the harm that he did. That’s the reason for what I said. Of the various things that Jobs did, that one is the most important, and he is a big harm to the world. I am glad he is not able to do any more of this. I hope that his successors will be less successful than him." -Richard Stallman
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That's because anything I could add would not do this justice.  Fantastically spoken.  /bows
I'm not always RMS's biggest fan, but I totally agree with this! Good quote sassi.
I'm impressed by your quote Sassi. You are the combination of beauty and brain
I love reading rms essays and listening to his talks. It really puts a perspective on the current situation on technology.
If anyone is interested there is a free pdf book of selected essays available on GNU Press entitled "Free Software Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman" by  rms & L.Lessig;
"Of the various things that Jobs did, that one is the most important, and he is a big harm to the world"  WTF aren't people supposed to say good words after someone dies?!
JPT........It's only topic for debate competition...
That's one ignorant observation, did anyone put Mac to your head..and besides have a look around in the world, you think this is evil..
I have so much respect for how much of a marketing genius he was. Personally. I'd be proud to have accomplished half of what he was able to. Claim it made the industry worse all you want, in the end the reasons companies like Microsoft started to apply his ways to what they do is because it worked. It was extremely profitable. And I love profit.
And that's called "business" .... so don't see it going away anytime soon with or without Steve Jobs.
I didn't know the words already existed that reflects what I've been feeling for years...
Ultra Neo
Sorry.. but who's this Steve Jobs again? 
I probably wouldn't exactly characterize him as evil. But, I feel that he certainly was not a person with admirable qualities. He was egotistical, self-centered, took credit for other people's work (as many executives do), a tyrant, etc.  He's also given so much credit for being a marketing genius.  However, people and history seem to overlook all of the failures he had up until the iPod.  So, the best I could say is that he kept trying until he hit on a formula, good or bad, that worked for him. 
As I read this from my iPad, and glance down at my iPhone next to me, I don't feel imprisoned, tricked by someone's greed, or that my lot on life is worse than it was a decade ago.

Indtead, I appreciate the superior computing platforms offered by today's world, and recognize that my computing experience today is far better thanks to the innovations and hard work from a decade's worth of CEOs, tech specialists, and dare I say, the venture capitalists who funded the whole operation.

You sound like the petulant children who's love was never reciprocated. All this negative energy for one man. Proving again it is easier to destroy than to create. No, not children, soul sucking bottom feeders. You are lampreys! Nonconformist conformists who like the sound of their own voice. "I hated him first," "no, I did!"
You really believe he is dead? silly human  
I am thinking of it for a long time, and today I got it
Yeah. Because non-technical users are so much better served by totally opaque interfaces that require a high bar of technical knowledge.
so dumb, u can resist this attraction yourself if u have the will to do it!!
Now that's is not nice....the same technology you are talking about is the same u are using right now stop and reflect ...other wise become an Amish ...Jajaja :)
I remember when RMS made this statement, it really fell under the 'too soon' category, which I guess we're past now.  But he is right to some weird level ya know...
Steve Jobs made gadgets and lots of money.  He was never any type of hero.
it is my ot-nay professional opinion that this statement is bull**
Stallman's always been a pretty straight shooter.
Well consider this. You would have no forum to speak on about this if it were not for him. 
This is a mockery of him
There are people who do much worse and have died, why don't you talk about that, instead of just trying to stir up a argument 
Ouch +Sassi BoB - talk about a butane torch to a hornets nest, trying to see how quickly you can get to 500 replies? Stop watch ready?? lol.. Steve Jobs was a genius at marketing and has pushed tech to new levels with the competition no doubt but I do agree with RMS.
The best kind of prison is one where the inmates don't see the wall...  works the same at a Zoo.
Great quote. I'm going to share this one.
Roger Clark
It strikes me than human kind has always chosen most of it's own prisons.  Vanity, power-lust, greed, hatred, the list seems endless.  It seems unjust to try and lay the blame for the state of human frailty or to even claim its enhancement on one man or his creations.  We might just as well go to the beginning of invention and curse the people that discovered stone tools and fire.  Rather than concern ourselves with that which we choose as shackles perhaps we are better served learning how to use these same tools to set others free of their own.  The simple fact that we can have this dialog suggests to me that Mr. Jobs and Mr. Gates have done nothing more than provide tools for freedom of expression and devices for us to use as we see fit.  Whether we choose to be enslaved or set free lies completely in our own hands.  
My 2 centavos
Appears to be quoted out of context? Stallmans buzz is generally open source software and non-patenting of code, not anti-computerisation. Since he's dedicated his life to working with computers, it would be disingenuous to attack computerisation, one would think.
uh.. dumb.  so, humans should have never picked up a stylus and clay tablet and formed the ancient civilizations of the past?  these are great implements.  too bad no one recognizes the real evil that takes our opportunities for greatness.. and makes them chains to oppress us. 
After only 6 or 7 posts, someone already mentions Hitler. That's classic Godwin's Law: when you don't have any convincing argument, compare the person to Hitler. One would expect more intelligent debates on Google+.
he has done many great things also for technology in computing mobiles
I'm already seeing the changes and I dont like them in Apple.
As much as a pain in the butt he was. He was great designer and a great visionary. Sometimes you have to be driven by gut than by other people to make it in this world. I hope the company doesn't become to soft and cater to everyone. Mac user since 92.
Self control trumps personal prison every time.
Many commenting on the statement probably don't know who Richard Stallman is. Nor his contribution to computing. Nor would many readers know what open source is. Open your minds people.
Just because he's "gone" doesn't necessarily mean things will change for the better, now that most other companies have followed in Mr Job's footsteps it won't be long before another creative mind follows along the already paved way.
...and I am glad too, props to Mr. Stallman.
That guy still probably has an iPhone.
why do we blame the technology, and not OURSELVES? why? i don't understand the logic? did the hammer kill the family? or did someone use a hammer, meant for nails, to kill? why blame the hammer? blame the murdering human that failed us all.
And what? You suppose no one will take steve job's places? He was an outstanding brain but i do not doubt for a second that he is about to be surpassed by many others. Development is inevitable. This quote is ridiculous ! 
actually apple might not be 'hip', but it is not ugly or slow either.
Poignant. So, who do we blame for the falling airplanes, or even the knife that serves to cut the vegetables and make our life generally easy..? who do we blame..for everything???
Steve Jobs gave users what they wanted. If anyone handcuffed anybody, they did that to themselves. Steve Jobs is a legend and his products and company will attest to that. And to say that his computers imprisoned its users??... giving someone the tools to do whatever they want is in no way imprisoning them. To give a child who is eager to learn an i-pad, so that he may look up the world at a stroke of a finger is not even close to imprisonment... I think RMS is jealous of the enormity of Mr. Jobs success I think he should  continue to

'live cheaply' ..."like a student, basically. And I like that, because it means that money is not telling me what to do." 

But don't hate a master-craftsmen, Steve Jobs will go down in history as one of the most responsible people who had the ability to F the world and chose not to... I respect R.M.S on his ideologies regarding privacy and many other technological concerns but don;t kick a legend when he's dead you dummy.  
So many Apple haters on Google+.
What? This guy (Richard) is saying that people are in prison because they bought a computer that works for them easily? - I think he is on crack or hallucinating if he thinks SJ is a correctional officer or something. THanks SJ for the cool phone, cool ipad, cool ipod, cool laptop, all of which i wouldn't have the job I have now, or the life I have now without them. - But yeah, people are in "prison" because they are pretty. 
Carl Dodd
Im sorry but i think your STUPID. Steve Jobs changed the world how can u say it was for the worste? Cell phones SUCKED ASS before IPHONE now every company is desperately copying every feature they can from the iphone. Steve set the foundation for hand held devices for the future......THERE WERE NO PADS B4 JOBS, now look at the market its flooded with every company "TRYING TO BEAT THE IPAD"  *LONG LIVE STEVE JOBS IDEAS*
 who thinks isrrael would be the first to start ww3 with iran due to their conflict. heres y i think so. america would back up israel and n. korea would back up iran. but then think of all the other mideastern countries that would help iran. but then britian might help israel and america if its serious enough. so there you go-----ww3
This is somewhat true...making billions off stupid people that don't know any better..damn shame if you ask me lol
+Sassi BoB I don't necessarily agree with this. I feel the initial idea of what Jobs invented was to enhance what we were already doing (whatever it was) and make it interactive & seamless. Now, did it get out of hand due to competition? Absolutely. But anyone in Steve's or Bill's position would've done the same if faced with the same circumstances. 
When the day comes that Windows will only be allowed to be installed on pre-chosen hardware configurations, instead of allowing any company to write drivers for their products based upon open standards, then I shall be a linux user solely.  Until then, at least I don't have to use a Mac, because there's more in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in their philosophies.
hey it's got a terminal window. anything it's missing Stallman can code if he wouldn't spend time writing stuff like this.
What utter shit, my 60 year old parents are able to use iPhones because they are prisons and they can't mess them up. What people forget is that technological elitism tends to provide too many options and makes thing more difficult to use. Making a device that you can 'do anything with' is not inclusive in all cases - in many cases it excludes and limits its use. 
Apple is a phase, just like many companies products that have fell prior to its rise to fame, in 10 years time there'll be another technology giant crawling out of Apples ashes, then you'll all have something else to moan about.
Figures that Stallman would say something like that. The real problem is not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, it's how Patent Laws affect Software in this country. Stallman is all for open source software...while good in theory, it's not the reality so Software Execs need to be very programmatic on what they "give" away (again, think of patent laws) because they have obligations to their firm's livelyhood. It is what it is, but this quote is really coming from an idealist and while good, should seriously be looked at from an objective point of view of what the real issue is.
I don't agree with this quote. I would say he was not nice to people or family. But there are millions of a-holes in the world, get over it. And yes he failed at a lot of things but he always learned from them. And yep there are a lot of over worked Chinese because of him, but at least they have jobs. Maybe if the American work ethic was more like China's we would be building iPhones. And what about all the farm kids here that work on their family farms? They put in a lot of hours. Where I grew up in South Dakota you could get your drivers license at 14 do you could drive to the fields.
And no one has ever said buy this apple product or die. And I'm pretty sure he never directly affected the life of anyone who has posted here.
Finally JFK brought us to the brink of nuclear war several times. Everyone loves him. 
Apologies if I offend anyone but this is a shallow thought, uneducated, ignorant comment. If you don't understand why then me explaining it would not make any difference. And just so you know I am definitely not an avid fan of the Apple money making machine :)
I thing .he s appl guy..
This is one of the dumbest quotes I've ever read and I hope whoever said this gets what they deserve. 
Reminds me of the kid denouncing materialism while wearing his designer clothes. The kid throwing the trash can through the Nike store wearing his Nike shoes during the WTO protests in Seattle. We are prisoners only if you let yourself be a prisoner to tech. 
Interface design versus open technology is a false dichotomy. You can have both, at the moment they generally don't co-exist in the same devices. What we need to worry about are chips that tell you whose interface the hardware will accept. Intel I'm looking at you here.
If you do not like the prison, there's always jailbreaking.  Funny how that term came about.  The phone is unlimited if you understand how to code it.  For the average user, yeah, it does what they need and only need.  The user did not know what he/she wanted until Jobs showed them. 
Great quote sassi. Its so true its ridiculous. Most people, like the ones saying that this forum wouldn't be here if it weren't for him(lies), have never tested true freedom so therefore they are ignorant.
Idiotic idea. Same could be said about henry ford thomas edison.
The problem +Roger Clark is that if Jobs or Gates had been able to exert the control they wished from the early days you and most of the people here wouldn't be having this conversation.

The www, TPC/IP stack, the great majority of servers in the world allowing you do use Google+, including Google, Facebook etc would not be here. 

Gates, and Jobs even more so, would not have created something which allowed such interactivity and openness. Jobs in particular was more interested in corralling Apple iToy users into a closed space.

It was because of people like RMS, Linus Torvalds etc that there is this openness and interoperability.

If Apple iToys were cars you'd not be able to choose anything but the spare parts and upgrades they approve. Nothing they disapproved of would be allowed to be installed - don't like the seat covers? Too bad.

Don't give credit where credit is most definitely not due. Jobs and Gates did all they could to limit choices. Jobs made it into an art form and convinced many people that what they were buying was cool. Closed systems are not cool. When you can't see the restrictions placed in front of you it's time to lift your head up and get a clear view.

RMS may use provocative language and words such as 'slave' and 'evil' but this doesn't change the facts of what he says.
John Lh
My sons always think what they did is correct and compliant that the mistakes is belong to others.

This is typical Childish, and Jobs just make used of the weakness of human nature.

Do not blame in him, just admit that we are a pay for proven that we are all the fool...hehe 
LL Pete
I used to have a "ten-gallon" Stetson hat, and was never sure whether I was wearing the hat, or the hat was wearing me.
It amazes me how many people can't see idealism vs why Jobs/Gates  close their systems. It's called $$$. Make the problem go away by changing the patent/copyright laws and we'll all be much better off.
+Hilliard Davis II  Computers are not hammers. They are far more complex devices which are being embedded more and more deeply into common culture and society everyday.

RMS points out that there are risks associated with this.

I suggest having a read of his views rather than just a quote. More so, RMS does point out that people have to see this is an ethical issue.

When people don't think it is, they are really just displaying their lack of understanding of what ethics are.
If Steve exposed people to be ignorant sheep then whose at fault? We all have a choice intelligent people make choices, ignorant ones don't. Unfortunately Darwin's theory doesn't happen fast enough to cull the ignorant! A big up to all those who dare to dream and achieve!
Crapple stole ideas and patent them as their innovation. No apple will never be an innovating company but a gang of thugs that still from others and claim it as their own. SJ as the king pin and now his terminated and the gang is sure to follow. Everything crapple claims as theirs came from actual innovators; XEROX, MICROSOFT, PALM etc.  
+Sassi BoB   yeah i agree to the fact that the genius encapsulated all the information that his own product has. and made everyone use just the features and not steal the idea. But when we people go and buy the product, why cant we explore it and hack it, debug it . and make it look as u like. Because we cant. it doesnt mean that we are stupids, but he s lucrative genius than us. thats why.. So i do not accept the fact that he is evil, but a gem who lived for his own product to be secured and safe all the time.. :)
A genius yes, evil, not necessarily. I doubt that anyone twisted someones arm qand made them sit in front of a computer! I know people today that still do not use one and are surviving just fine!
Exactly +Reinaldo Bravo . They've read a quote and that's it. Then they feel informed enough to comment, without much, if any, of an understanding of what RMS says.
Yeah, Stallman, I feel so imprisoned in my Mac that is currently running both OSX and Linux.  Oops, I meant "GNU/Linux".  Say, how is HURD coming along, anyway?  I hear it almost runs on something.
The world would be a better place without electricity, guns or cars. Even better without us. According to this logic, evolution and (for people who believe in creationism) G-d are all evil.
Well said, I couldn't agree more with that quote. 
really. you're honestly saying that computers and iphones havent helped us?? steve jobs's computers accelerated progress like nothing else has in all of history!
Yes, MS had to bail out Apple when they were about to go under after they hired Jobs back as CEO.  They didn't do it out of the kindness of their hearts though, they did as to not become a monopoly because at that time MS dominated almost everything.  Linux wasn't near as popular back then and the CEO they hired from Pepsi ran Apple into the ground.  I personally don't like Apple products, they are overpriced and under powered and they market them as "hip thing to have" with the impression that they are virus/malware proof which is flat out false, people don't want to write viruses and malware for an OS that only has about 9% of the marketshare.  If that market share grows Apple owners are going to have the same headaches, only they won't know how to deal with them and take them to an Apple shop and pay $200 to get them fixed.
"evil genius", "harm to the world" "prisons for the users", "changed the world for the worse" sounds like someone is Jeeeeeeealous.
Go out and view any documentary on Richard Matthew Stallman and you can see how he loathes anyone who has a little wealth, while comparing himself to Ghandi, King and Mandela.
You are happy another human died ? Than you are the evil one.
+Stephen Whiteley There is not a single reason why you can't have both freedom and usability; it just has to be done right.
It's funny how What's Hot on Google+ is always a quote by someone else instead of people posting original ideas.
Remarkably stupid quote.  
But it's not +Jason Ring . I don't own any iToy anythings. As a result of owning Android and Linux machines I have far more control and ownership over my devices than those with iAnythings. 

I can change more about my devices than any iAnything renter can do. Google and my Linux distro provider do not retain the ability to hobble of interfere with my devices, they don't tell me how to use them, which apps I cannot install and if I root my Android device (read: jailbreak - a very apt term if ever there was one - for iPhone things) Google are not going to actively try to stop me and make things harder for me.
I hate to say it, because it's RARELY true, but I agree with RMS.
I like that all of my apple supporting friends hate WalMart.  They support the WalMart of tech companies, but are militantly anti-WalMart.  All because of status and political correctness.
He helped create the 'prison' that has enabled you to share your slightly half-baked thoughts with the rest of the world.
We all are imprisoned by the technological flood :p but what is the outcome if everyone is hipnotised. peoples like to be imprisoned. 
+Tracey Allen , I don't care what anyone says.  Foxconn is pure evil and while they obviously make many electronics Apple is by far their biggest customer.  The average Foxconn worker makes $200 a month.  Apple could bring those jobs to the US and still make around 60% of the profit they are making now but that wouldn't make their stockholders happy.  
It's retarded if you care this much about a damned gadget anyway. Or the people who make them.
Perhaps you should break out of your prison?
insulting someone who's gone it's not good, right?
I agree with (Sam Daitzman) the world would be better without violence and electricity because most of all the humans on this earth can do is ether sit around being lazy or trying to kill. Very few groups of people try to make this world a better place to live for everyone else and all we need is for those people to show the rest of the world what their doing to this earth. And I'm not saying anything bad about Steve Jobs because he was a very smart man. He was proud of his work and it is true that america and the rest of the world got lazy even more because of his work. He made life easy for some and worse for others.
+Gary Brinkman , innovation: 1. something new or different introduced. 2. the act of innovating;  introduction of new things or methods.

good try though
Probably the most hateful and rude quote I've read.
This quote is just too dumb for words.
That's an amazingly idiotic quote! 
Holy Kaw! The man invented the WHEEL! Now we DON'T WALK anymore!! Nor do we RUN! It's like we're TRAPPED in this world of convenience!
Moronic quote actually.
I wonder how many of you use a non Microsoft and non Apple operating system. Loads of "true true" and "well said" but I'll risk my balls vast majority of you wrote this from a Windows or Mac machine. Not that I disagree with the great Stallman, but at least I own my prettry Gentoo Linux machine.

People should stop quoting people and use that very thing they condemn
Fantastic quote. I'll admit it, I cracked jokes the day died... Not classy, but oh well.
Steve Jobs was the greatest salesman who ever lived.
One further thought.  It has been pointed out that Mr. Stallman is speaking from the perspective of the "Open-Source" community and that his thoughts are directed at the way Mr. Jobs designed his operating systems and the methodology with which he built his "empire".  I have often laughed with colleagues over the issue of the "boxed" OS or the Open Source OS.  Truthfully, there is room and need, in a healthy market for both things.  The Open OS is for tinkers, people who want to stretch their own computing savvy.  The boxed OS is for the people who just need tools that provide quick access to information and services they value.  There is a general arrogance that exists within the Open-Source community that seems to suggest that if you don't use computers that fit their definitions of proper computing you are a lemming or some how less intelligent than they.  What many of my contemporaries fail to realize, it that these boxes are not a statement of your intelligence, they are tools and each craftsman is entitled to the hammer or wrench of their choice and there are no wrong answers.  Making this a personal issue is just, well...  Childish.  
Another 2 centavos :)
This is a horrible spin on what was one of the most enlightening and world changing lives in our time. Steve jobs will probably go into the history books with Steve Wozniak with the likes of Edison, Tesla, Einstein and that caliber of people. I agree with Alex. one of the most hateful quotes I have ever read from one of the most bigoted point of views against technology.
RMS is a very hard guy to like, but when he says something there is always logic behind it.
I mean, how can you hate on Steve Jobs for making a hugely succesful product? If people can't deal with that technology, than that's their own fault not the inventor's.

Look at yourself instead of others. It's not that hard.
Richard Stallman <3
Dumb Quote... Those who find that Macs are prisons are not power users... They most likely have never used terminal. HA!
Fighting the harm he did? I have never heard of this guy but he sounds pretty self important and delusional. Steve Jobs was not an evil genius bent on enslaving mankind, he was simply a man who followed his dream. Gentleman above sounds like nothing better than a fear mongering Bill O' Reilly or someone else with a Jesus complex.
Using the word evil is extreme. The man marketed and sold computers. If anything, the design aspects of his computers pale in comparison to his labor practices. #Perspective
From each according to his ability, to each according to his need...blah blah blah....Steve Jobs was evil because he made a buck......blah blah blah. Next time Dick stallman has a brain fart and decides to write it down maybe he will do the world a favor and keep it to himself. Why don't the rest of you communal druids go somewhere and form your own little socialistic village and leave the rest of us the hell alone instead of slamming a dead guy who did more to make life a little easier for hundreds of millions of people than the lot of you ever will. Bunch of spoiled brats who like to hear themselves rattle.
rms often says things that are initially hard to comprehend because they do tend to be very blunt, but once you get past that very often he's absolutely right.  We, as consumers & technology users put up with far to much crap that inhibits the use of the devices we 'own'.
The funny thing is that Apple never really pushed any boundaries with their technology.  Their products are severely over-priced, and can be surpassed easily for 1/3 the cost.  They catered to lazy, ignorant people who have no desire to research the technology they are using. It's the same with McDonalds, inferior product with greater marketing.
You left out PATENT as their innovation so yes my comment stands! 
The Sainted S Jobs of Mac fame did one thing well...worked out how to part fools and their money
kutrya salya stallman.. kashala hagto ikde tikde.. gucchup bas
The man was sick at one time, I believe, but he felt he had to stick around and be seen to be working for the company for it to be profitable. This guy got way too much credit. People actually thought that without "him" their Apple products would be obsolete over night. Silly Apple sheep.....Henry Ford is dead but good cars still bare his name.
Sometimes the truth hurts.  Doesn't mean people shouldn't say it.
Stallman is a fanatical ideologue who won't be satisfied with any world in which my mom doesn't want to be another Stallman.
This quote doesn't even deserve this much attention. It's stupid.

And I don't even own any Apple products besides an ancient iPod.
I think your jealous. Being a Mac user in graphic design though I will say that half the idiots that buy apple products don't know what the hell they are doing. They are the same people who have to have a Starbucks in the other hand just to feel special in life. Good product but I can't stand the snotty white Ora it promotes
Steve was obviously an evil dude. he was gonna take over the market for tablets, smartphones, etc.  But now that's Bill Gates' job. Prepare for the takeover of electronics. I know I am.
But you have to understand the local economy to state that $200 a month is not a reasonable wage. What if the average monthly income  is just $10. Makes $200 look a lot better, doesn't it? These jobs are coveted by the local economy with people travelling miles and queuing for hours just for a chance to apply for one of these jobs. It's a different world, a different culture... and hard to judge from a world away. 

I'm all for buy American, but we wouldn't be able to buy much if it was all made at American wages. We need international price competition to keep the products we know and love affordable  
Would you still like to be using your TI-82?
Wow...the comments from one man's essay (on his thoughts about what was created) humorous at best and pathetic at worse. He isn't disparaging the man or the product, but pointing out that the by product it created my not have been in the best interest of technology and innovation as a whole. The haters on this post need to relax! 
Leo T
This rings pretty darn true for me /:
It is not interface design vs. open source. The problem is much deeper. Apple essentially claims they know better than I do what is best for me. And for many (even most I fear) users this is easier as someone else does the thinking for them. Ever hear of herd?
Prisons for their users? I'm not a 13 year old who wants to change code and mod my phone. I want something that works beautifully and looks beautiful as well. Apple has done just that. 
They say the same about the gun. The gun doesn't kill anyone ,it is the user. The computer harms only the people who misuse it . 
Wow, that is another way of looking at it.
Gold plated bars are still bars, and access to be able to make changes doesn't mean you have to make changes. You can have systems that are attractive, useful, and accessible.
Stallman has long ago let his ideology drive his irrational beliefs. Don't trust anyone to talk to you about technology if they won't even use email.
Oh and btw the tablet pc was introduced by Bill Gates of Microsoft in 2002. So who copied who?
Whether you liked to read it or not, Stallman is one of the few people qualified to say something like that about Jobs. His work is so vital to just having the web operate as freely as it is. And I mean on a fundamental level.
Eff that. Stahlman is crazy. Steve Jobs made the world a better place.
Oh really why does the computer do that to us a.d not the other way around LOL.
Is this a troll post? Or are you serious?

On the grand scale of what makes the world worse, Jobs, or anyone similar to him does not even register. People are tortured, raped, let starve to death by the minute on this planet, and that's just by governments. That is evil. To call Jobs or Gates or any PC manufactured evil is utter nonsense.

Second, it is incredibly condescending to people who use Apple products. I switched to Mac after using Windows since DOS three years ago. I'm computer literate and I wasn't trapped by the glamour. Macs are better for what I want, and I prefer their closed eco-system. I'm not handcuffed. 

Honestly. This is probably the most idiotic post I've read on Jobs. 
John E
Jobs invented the idea of restricting the user experience with proprietary technology. May he rot in pieces.
yes, I cant imagine anyone worse than the guy who made a phone you cant over clock the processor on. I guess ill never know why we didnt just take him out with a drone strike.
I wonder how many people who hate Apple and Jobs ever owned an actual Apple product. I would say less than a third.
Steve jobs did not take away anyones ability to think for themselves or make their own decisions. He created a great product that ( like others) will lose its appeal with time. People felt the same about the t.v. but no real harm came from it. People look for things to be addicted to, evil is an individuals enemy in this case.
Well, Steve Jobs was a lot more complex than that.  For example, Apple under his direction funded the open source, actually truly freely  licensed  LLVM Clang project, which is liberating the software technology world from the tyranny of GCC, which sucked all the air out of the compiler development room, and stifled complier innovation for decades.  Rapid advances in compiler technology and related developer toolchains are taking place already, and consumers are directly benefitting from more stable, more secure, and more performant software.  

My brother's thoughts on the iPad are relevant. He notes that products like the iPad represent a maturing industry, but they are a double edged sword in a slightly different way.  By removing obstacles to fun, we may be leaving an entire generation of potential hacker geeks behind, as they get sucked into doing things, rather than learning to fix things.

The iPad is a starship bridge accessory
Microsoft big ass table..
Reading this on my iMac while playing music on my Macbook Pro and reading e-mails on my iPhone. If you don't like Apple, dont use it. Use Linux and stop whining.
Are you stupid? Bill Gates is just as evil for creating such a shitty OS, as well as running a HUGE monopoly on the internet for a long time. 
Don't forget, that without him, you wouldn't be able to give your opinion here
If you what you mean by "proprietary technology" is that Apple computers work great 99% of the time, compared to an "open source" and "runs on any old piece of junk" Windows machine - then I'll stick with my Apple.  BTW - I've had my Macbook Pro turned on for 2 years now without having to "restart" from a system lockup.  Every time I open the lid, it works.  Try THAT with any windows notebook.
العالم يتغير
فالاحياء هم الذين يتغيرون اما الاموات فلا يهتمون لذلك 
Sassi... Don't troll the Apple-heads. They can't see sense (or acknoweledge facts), being as blinded by the light of slick marketing and top notch quality PR management as they are. The cult of Jobs is strong and we don't really need it's members to push the world forward. Just let them wallow in their self imposed play pens. They're not really hurting any of us.
Ah yes, the old quote that launched a million angry Cult of Apple blog posts, the quote that's been cherry picked and mined to death - just the "I'm not glad he's dead, but I'm glad he's gone" made it to most Apple blog headlines - and I see it's even having its effects here in the comments. Brilliant.

The Appleites are out in force, and furiously frothing over a year old Stallman quote.

RMS has an personal website, you know, you can go drop him a line at one of the addresses he's made public.

And to all of the "I'M POSTING THIS FROM MY APPLE DEVICE, IF YOU DON'T LIKE APPLE, DON'T USE IT", that's fine, please, continue to use your device. The quote wasn't a complaint about being forced to use apple, it was an observation about what Apple users have been led into using.

So, yeah.
Wow, whole lotta stupid here. Weapons grade stupid. 
So easier to use computers are evil? [sigh] No, I'm not buying it. I disliked his intense focus on sealed systems, but I understand it -- I've had a hard drive corrupted by rubbish drivers on an accelerator card and been involved in the nightmare that is driver conflict on Windows. I have found using Macs to be liberating -- but of course I don't stick to the Appleverse, nor do I use IOS except for testing and checking email on a 'Pad (which I need for testing as well). 
... and yes, I've used mainframes and DOS and I consider graphic interfaces to be extremely liberating -- have YOU made complex formatted documents with proportional fonts on DOS? Thanks to Macs I was able to do desktop publishing -- before that, people had to lease a $10,000/year typesetter to get professional results. 
He's not saying puter's shouldn't be easier to use +David Zatz he's not even saying easier to use computers are bad.

He saying quite clearly that the manner in which some software is created, distributed and hobbled is bad: bad for your freedom and bad for the freedom of others. He's trying to get people to look past the sugar and see how this is harmful for your social 'health'.
By the way, nobody's hating on early Apple Computer. You'd have to be blind to think the Apple II wasn't a huge step in personal computing.

Think more along the lines of the OSX Era of everything-is-locked-down-and-sealed-as-tight-as-we-can-manage.
I know Steve Jobe but I haven't heard about Richard Stallman. I see pure jealousy in his mind.  People who agree with so called "Richard Stallman" quotation,What I want to tell them is, Take your time and  go to an electronic shop,buy all the components you want, program it and run your own OS.Then you could at least be self satisfied but, I can't grantee if this "Richard Stallman" would call your self an "evil genius" after your death.If that happens,I'm Sorry you'd better find someone to appreciate you in your after life.
Lol at Microsoft copying him.
If he was such an evil genius and corrupting the minds of humans to buy his product and therefore destroying all things PC related. He wasn't a freaking Psychologist, he was a Designer, a visionary genius . So, you mean to tell me that since Van Gogh changed the way we look and feel about art makes him a evil genius as well? No, he was an artist with designs that needed to be put into some type of product. Otherwise, none of us would of really have known the true Van Gogh.

Your post is ridiculous and a waste of my time reading it. Hope my post waste just as much of your time than mine. I'm assuming you've probably never opened a MAC. If so, then I'm not sure you took the time to use the machine to it's "fullest" potential. That or you're probably still running IE as your browser and have no clue.

Jealousy is such an evident factor when you bring something like this to a social network. RIP #Jobs

Don't hate the player baby, hate the game! 
+Rajeeva Obeyesekera I highly doubt that Stallman, an advocate of free and open software, is jealous of Steve Jobs, an advocate of locking everything down tight and DRM.
My darwin core doesn't /feel/ locked down..  o_0
We shouldn't let these shallow tech zombies raise Jobs to the level of sainthood or hero-dom ahead of people who really have had actual, significant beneficial effects on our society and the world as a whole.  Again, Steve Jobs made gadgets.  He did not invent the computer or the internet.  He was not a demi-god.  Don't raise him above real hero who have done real good for people.
Not sure if this post is popular because of the content or because of the person who shared it...
one of the most pessimistic idea ever conceived in modern times
Steve was an inventor and a Hitler all at the same time.
I agree that macs suck but he did also do great things, his iPods and smartphones changed the world
And let's not forget that by the time he died he didnt own apple, he was just CEO 
Jobs and Apple produce a wonderful product. It's a pity that the people that actually manufacture it work in deplorable conditions and live in an oppressive communist state. 

This has to be be the dumbest post I ever read by people who cant take blame for their own actions. People never want to accept their own addictions, if you choose to attach your tiny brains to any item, either a computer/phone/tablet/drugs/food/etc. You become a slave to that item. Stop looking for ways to pin things on other people and give the man the respect he deserves, he died and In life he struggled with many failures before creating a success. Im sure that if you or your family had created something to that calibur you wouldnt be calling that person evil. This generation is so hell bent on blaming others before pointing the gun at themselves. Grow up and take responcibilty for your own actions. By the way, I dont own and Ipad/Iphone/Mac, I choose what I like and what I need, not because of a brand. I do own Ipods, because they are the best mp3 player and highly portable, but I sure as hell wouldn't be addicted to it. Not a Steve Jobs fan or supporter, just a setting some facts straight.
Last utterance from me - Jobs's Apple, Inc. did put forth a big change in modern personal devices, yes, absolutely. However, the approach Apple takes to its hardware and software is not one to be smiled at. At least we have Apple, Inc. to thank for being the pole position starter on the new wave of smartphones, and oldschool Apple Computer for products like the Apple II.

Doesn't mean the guy's a damn saint. Far from it, if you stop and think about it.
+Michael McDade I haven't had a virus or done a restore on any of my Windows machines since 2002.  I don't much care whether you give windows another try or not, I'm just saying the Iraq war had not yet started the last time I had a problem with Windows.
Someone else is.just going to take his place either with the same mind of him or worse so him passing away doesn't make any difference just a minor set back in the future of technology its inevitable
While I understand what Stallman is saying... this view is a bit extreme and exaggerated.   Linux is important... just as important as Mac and Windows.  At the end of the day, computers allow people to interact with the world in a way that was unimaginable until recent history.  Linux has provided an open playground and a great environment for those with coding ability and a free OS for those less fortunate.  Windows and Mac have provided (arguably) quality OS that appeal to the masses and truly brought the PC into the home.  I think there is room for all OS's as long as there are people who want to use them.  
This is total horseshit. He invented the smart phone which can allow a nomad to come into a society he never knew existed and within one year be connected to the modern world.  Thank you Steve Jobs for helping end poverty more than any human in history.
They say that when Steve jobs died and wanted to enter the gates of heaven, God sead "no, you can only enter through itunes"...
I am not an apple fan by any means, but the guy pushed the limits and set the standards, if it werent for him we would probably still drooling over feature phones from the 90s and we wouldnt have seen the software leap that we are witnessing today (i.e. android, wp, etc). He wasnt an evil man, he was a visionary.
Does the end justify the means?  Yes, Apple devices handcuff you to their services, but is Google really any different?  Apple did make a variety of things we love easier and quicker to do....
Interesting opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs… However, I believe you are incorrect in assuming that Steve alone is the evil do’er in our worlds problems. You may think people are imprisoned in their computers and have become anti-social, but if you actually look at the big picture, more people are making contacts all around the world today with their PCs compared to 30 years ago when we only had our “PEN-PALL’s” to connect with. Thus we have become more social than EVER! Maybe someone here doesn’t get out much, or make new contacts daily, who is really the one to blame? Take the day off and go “smell the Roses”. Enjoy the time we have before you realize just how shore life is…
+Joshua Marshall Not her quote, and certainly not the only one to express that the Apple, Inc. approach is not a good one.
Whaaaaaa! No. The rise of the machines!!!!
What's wrong with an attractive prison you actually want to be in?
Ask someone who lost their music collection when Microsoft's DRM servers went dark if Steve Jobs imprisoned users.  Ask someone with a Windows tablet--that weighs 8 pounds, takes 4 minutes to turn on, and lasts 2 hours on a charge--if Steve Jobs imprisoned users.  Ask someone who suffered the rampant instability of the pre-NT Windows monopoly if Steve Jobs imprisoned users.  Apple provided portable devices that turned on quicker, lasted longer, and were easier to use.  That doesn't sound like prison.
Seriously, what don't you find cool about the range of Apple products,now that he's gone my worry is that those he left behind (Apple shareholders) might distort his vision and produce sub - standard products. Revolting thought!
an interesting thought but think that prisons weren't created, ecosystems were
No, of it weren't for Steve jobs we probably wouldn't be using mice, and computers would probably still be confined to offices.
I agree that mac has become a prison, but it didn't start that way. Remember the 1984 BB advert, that was true at the time.
The saddest thing in our world today is the fact that people need to blame their own problems on someone else. If you are imprisoned by your computer, it's your own fault, not Steve Jobs's. If you look down the barrel of a gun and accidently pull the trigger, it's your own fault, not the manufacturer's. Accept responsibility for yourself rather than trying to pawn it off on others...
Didn't the host of The Nerdist Podcast once say during his New Years episode that Steve Jobs lives on in a horcrux named Siri?

+Josh Sniegowski In the case of this quote, it is not that the speaker is imprisoned by his own system, but the's lamenting that others are willingly pouring money in to get their hands on the newest locked-down and restrictive device, and think that's what computing is about.
+Gary Longsine  There's no way you'd install an Apple anything on a space anything. You're mistaking fluff for function.

You're millions of miles away in space. You want to be able to fix it yourself. Not dial home and ask one of the Apple 'Geniuses' what went wrong.

A cursory review of the activities in the StarTrek universe reveal that they have the ability to hack away on their systems and do what they wish - not what they're told. They can see what's going on and make the changes they want.

GNU/Linux is the ONLY current OS that would ever make it into deep space and beyond...or possibly BSD.

More so, given none of the top 500 supercomputers in the world even bother with iApple anything, you couldn't really believe that the USS Enterprise would run iApple anything either.

I'd suggest doing a quick look and finding which critical or any system on any of the space flights, including the ISS actually use Apple anything. I couldn't find anything, but there was a fair bit about Linux and some about BSD too.

They might ask Apple to design the bridge though - if they want it to be pretty and white, like a fridge ;))
Probably the stupidest quote I've ever read. Very disprectful too, though I get the tongue and cheek aspect of it. If you don't like a product, don't buy it. If a product isn't "for you", don't buy it. Different strokes for different folks. Life is about making progress. Technology is progress. I use my technology, both Apple and PC, to better my life and become more productive in the profressional aspects of my own life. Use what makes YOU happy.
What is this? have you ever heard of the term self-inflicted wounds?

Why blame another person for your own faults
Agree with Stallman 100%. It seems a few people here may have missed where Apple had teenagers arrested and tried to sue them for nothing more than posting Jailbreaking instructions on iPhail forums. Or how Apple has literally sued every single manufacturer of non-iPhail smartphones for patent infringement, in some cases literally claiming to own a patent on the concept of a phone with a touch interface!
Apple claims innovation as their personal playground, while suing competitors whose innovations exceed their own. They have done nothing more than create a flood of "walled garden" products, stifling innovation and competition at every opportunity. For Jobs and Apple, it wasn't good enough to be "first" at something. They wanted to be the ONLY product. Apple has, unsuccessfully, tried its damnedest to monopolize the smart-phone and tablet markets, and yet are lionized as heroes. MS did practically the same thing with web browsers 15 years ago, and were declared The Devil, such as that "monopoly" and "Microsoft" are still synonomous to many. What happened in the intervening years that gives acceptance to a much larged monopolistic enterprise today?
For what it's worth, I like the idea of being able to run Bactrack Linux on my HTC EVO 3D. Nobody at HTC has threatened to sue me, or confiscate the phond that I bought, and therefore own, for doing this. In fact, such development is encouraged in the Android and Linux communities. No threats. No litigation. No "walled garden". No artificial limitations "for my own good". No bull.
A prison? Really? It's not like it brain washes you. So some people might get a little obsessed with their phone and never put it down. People play video games and watch TV just as much too. Does that mean that you also agree that the presidents of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft should be "Gone" too?
Without people like Jobs and Gates, you "rocket scientists" would not be quoting jack*&%$ on Google or any other e-media for that fact.
Stallman is wrong.  Both Steve and Bill pushed computing forward 100x more than anything he did or ever will do.  They just didn't push it in the direction he'd like.  Much of the success that FOSS enjoys today is because the boundaries got pushed by others.  Neither were perfect and were definitely not saints, but the computing world is a better place overall thanks to both of these men.  Give credit where it is due.
Samsung might overtake Apple..................
everyone build his own prision
I completely agree with this. Too bad he didn't go away sooner.
Stallman excels at verbalizing his own perspective. I agree with some of that perspective and disagree with the rest. Even if you don't agree with someone, stop and think about it. Try to figure out where they're coming from, then make your own decisions.
On the one hand, the success of Apple is unprecedented. On the other hand that success came at a cost. Genius doesn't mean evil, but it doesn't obviate it either.
As with everything : moderation. Our hand Handcuffs or prisons are ones we make ourselves. If you choose to be strapped to the technology then that's what you get. Unplug already!
i think evil genius was more of a title not truly meaning evil
Screw all this slavery, addiction and prison business ...I better go back to drinking.
I'm not a fan of RMS' self-serving hatred for anything that isn't open and free. The world needs him, just as the world needed what Jobs did for us. Yes, the walled-garden isn't the best thing, but the competition he have Microsoft, Nokia, HP, and countless other "old guard" manufacturers of technology is what gave us the smartphone industry. It's what gave both OSS desktops and Windows A damn good competitor, and it even helped break open the cellular landscape. To look only at the bad that Jobs did is extremely short-sighted and ignorant. RMS knows all this; he's an extremely intelligent fellow. He chooses to write this kind of crap anyway, which is why I have such little respect for the man outside of his technical prowess and philosophical leanings. 
no shit. come on!! he was a american idol to tell you you can get off your ass and make somthing of yourself. fuck you you unloyal ass holes. go sit and eat your fuckin sorow for what its worth. he put jobs and profit cerculation through america. wheres your point going huh? no where thats what!! dicks
Steve Jobs didn't make computers easier to use; he succeeded in convincing an entire generation of computer users that they're too stupid to use anything else.

Once you've accepted that premise, you lock yourself out of the best technology has to offer: freedom, flexibility, and CHOICE.

That's why RMS is upset. I don't agree with everything he says, but he's 100% right this time.
Wow, a good 60% of these commenters seem to have stopped reading the quote after "evil genius", hypothesized their own argument for why Stallman may have said that, and then rebuked that argument. Anyone who mentioned Apple's UI, profits, factories, or marketing has missed the point.
Say WHAT?! Apple made the world a better place by pushing technology
+Michael Rosabal LOL That's quite humorous, though I don't think you were intending to be.

My kids have been using Linux since they were able to move a mouse. They don't seem to have had much of a learning curve.

As for quality. Which supercomputers use Windows or iToy OS? There's not even a dozen in the top 500. There are NO iToy OS supercomputers in the top 500. Don't ask NAS, the NSA what they prefer to use to operate their important stuff - as opposed to what you may choose to use to update your Facebook status while on the toilet.

Preferable not to ask the stock exchanges in New York or London.

You can use Linux whether you're poor or not. Barista's think they're creative and must use Apple.

Samsung "Next Big Thing" Galaxy S II Commercial

That's the depth of thinking which causes people to think Apple-something shows credibility, coolness and wealth. 

RMS has a strong theme on ethics. It's quite clear in what he says. Changing the discussion to whether something is pretty and fluffy is irrelevant.

Making things easier for people to use is relevant and Linux is dead easy to use. If you can't use it you'll have not hope with Windows or iToy OS.

Making hardware prettier to look at - well I'm all for that, as long as the OS doesn't take away my rights in the process.
+Susana Videla, that is so not true.  If you read a biography of Jobs, you see that the only thing he was interested in was himself and his own ideas.  Everybody else's ideas were "shit".  His megalomania almost destroyed Apple with the restrictions he put on the Mac and then saved Apple when he pushed through the LaserWriter (just before getting tossed).  Money was never his driving force.
I...I don't know how I feel about this...I'm all for open source but there is something to be said for Jobs' insight into the benefits of end to end integration and strong design. So I guess I'm drinking the kool-aid?

I think his vision makes the most sense with modern mobile markets where slick easy-to-use interfaces make the most sense despite having to sacrifice flexibility.
+Daniel Cox The key word there is "willingly." Saying it's good that a man is gone because others enjoy his products (restrictive or not) is completely wrong. Am I saying Jobs is a Saint, no. I am saying that the quote is ignorant and that it should be aimed at those who trap themselves rather than the man behind the product.
Apple technology is candy for sheep. Steve was good at making money and not much else.
So, the computer you are using to type your comments? What brand is it? Why single out one person here? No one is "defending" Jobs on a personal level, more so pointing out the absurdity of defending any one platform over the other. Face it, you're buying it and using it. That "thing" your using. All arguments are void. YOU made a decision to buy a product, no matter what brand it is.
I'm and audio engineer and I use Apple products because they are able to handle the strain of high-end audio processing much better than any other window-based computer I've experienced, not because I'm some part of a mindless horde.  Making gross generalizations of people like this make one look ignorant and childish.  
It is freakishly similar to Catholic liturgy: do you reject the glamour of evil, and refuse to be mastered by sin? - Renewal of Baptismal Promises.
+Reinaldo Bravo I commented specifically because I know exactly who RMS is. Technical prowess aside, he's a gasbag who likes to hear his own voice and takes a short-sighted approach to generate buzz. 
+Josh Sniegowski The sentiment beyond the inflammatory first sentence is still as true as anything. Apple design is akin to putting candy in a bear trap.
I stopped using Apple products for many reasons, not least because they forced you into a much higher financial footprint for equipment that was attractive, but often under-powered.
without Jobs we wouldn't have pixar/dreamworks, Android phones, ultrabooks, tablets, podcasts, icons, mouse, font-smoothing, typeface fonts, no 20gb music players, no windows, no window occlusion, fish-eye menus, two-finger scrolling, and tons of other innovations that came from apple and pixar.

even if you argue that someone else would have enabled and perfected these innovations and made them as common-place by now as they are, it would not have come nearly as fast.
He has made world go easy over outdoor sports, people r becoming lazy over exercise.
Comments like this are always a flame war. It's kinda stupid. Keep calm and run Linux.
Nope , Not limited too , including all others , it is not so much brand as the interest's ?????? at stake! 
To take personal responsibility out of the equation is ridiculous. Nice sentiments and quote, but it really is as easy as relaxing the muscles in your hand and putting your device down. It's not always that simple, but people that want to be present in their lives will make that choice, and people that want to check out will always find a way.
Your either jealous or just stupid 😂 it's called self control. A lot of people don't have it. If you don't like it don't use it.
Do you Like iPhone ???  YES OR NO
"Thanks for watching, stalkers, perves, and nerdy nerds.."

Im definitely a perv.. im following!! I found a new idol, yay for +Sassi BoB <3
+Daniel Cox That may be true, but unfortunately I believe the human mind has the ability to avoid that candy in a way the bear may not. To each his own...
+Nathan Wade Apple didn't push technology. Much of it already existed. They pushed 'appearance' and 'cool'. They pushed an image and simplified user space.

Jobs et al did a great job advertising, promoting, spending and pimping. That was Jobs genius. He was a person who could see what was in front of him and what would sell.

Like many before him (and after) he could identify an element in the market which was seductive and intriguing to the consumer. Given most people's IT knowledge and understanding of ethics is very slim and consumers have a poor capacity for complex long-term thinking, he hit a sweet spot and pushed hard.

He hasn't made the 'world' a better place. Despite his enormous wealth and that of his company, Jobs provided nothing to charity (don't start on the 'he didn't speak about it'  line - he did. He actually said he didn't give to charity). He participated in the exploitation of Chinese labourers to keep prices down and profits up and he prevented the company from giving away hardware or donating to charity. 

I'd Bill Gates a million miles ahead of Jobs as someone who has improved the world. At least Gates is now using his money to assist the less fortunate and the unwell in the world. Jobs and Apple did not.
Thats BS! Aside from all the tech gadgets that Apple makes, they still produce one hell of a computer. You can't even buy a windows machine that doesn't throw exceptions or hangs, etc,etc.  I am still working with a 2009 macbook that boots up just as fast today as it did when I bought it, I've never had to defrag the hard drive , it has never thrown any type of exception(that wasn't automatically handled by the OSX). Steve Jobs saved a company we need. Even if you are a Microsoft fan, Apple forces them to be the best they can be. If you are referring to "Handcuffed" in a non-mediforic sense as in that Apple holds a tighter control over what the average user can do with the machine, that's probably true, and that's probably why they last so long. The real power on any Unix system is in the terminal. Learn to use the terminal and you will experience amazing power in an Apple system with almost no restrictions.
+Josh Sniegowski Of course! But some people have poor impulse control, and candy (of the eye variety) is one hell of a good way to utilize that fact (I didn't want to say "exploit", but..) ... I mean, look at the religious reaction people seem to have to Apple devices.
I agree with most of this post as I have never bought into the Apple marketing hype machine, but to say Steve Jobs was a big harm to the world is bollocks.

A terrorist that blow up thousands of people is a big harm to the world. Global Warming is a big harm to the world. Disease and famine are big harms to the world.

Steve Jobs was a man that ran a toy computer company.  ;0)
I read this on my iPod and my house is dominated by Microsoft so I highly disagree
+Mike Murphy For less than the cost of a MacBook or whatever they're calling their combination griddle and laptop these days, I built a solid reliable and powerful PC on which I presently run Windows. I have yet to have any problems with the OS throwing exceptions or hanging. And if I did, I could very easily boot into Debian.
+Joey Jenrette This doesn't need to devolve into yet another thread about iOS vs Android.

 Unlike +Richard Stallman I think Microsoft would have done this, regardless.  (as a sometimes happy user of Apple, Android and Microsoft products, but a more often unhappy user)
I haven't defraged and HDD in 10 years. And I use Windows. Please stop using that as a reason. With that being said. I use Mac and PC. Both, for different reasons. I suggest you all find what works for you and stop complaining about where your money is going. It's a dead arguement.
+Daniel Cox yes, BT5. I also run Ubuntu 12. Requires an ARM-architecture image, a script to boot it, terminal emulator, and AndroidVNC app. You run the linux image, the script also loads an SSH and a VNC server, so you can SSH commands or VNC into the desktop. Quite nice, though not recommended on phones with lower memory or slower (<1GHz) processors.
+Scott Ferguson I don't think you understand the irony of what you've just said when referencing Google. Google doesn't run on Windows or Apple anything.

Linux all the way down. There'd be no open access Internet or interoperability if Jobs had his way. YOU wouldn't be speaking to anyone here if it weren't for Linux. There'd be a very much smaller, very much more limited Internet - if there was one at all.
The 60 year old individuals with iPhones and apple fan boys on here claiming that they choose to be "handcuffed" can be related to the old adage "give a man a fish". Its just lazy to think that you can buy a computer that requires no education at all. Its those who fall victim to emails informing you of your recent lottery winnings, or that they are your credit card company but need your number and information to confirm. The point here is not that Steve hurt anyone by creating a locked down device but rather that he made them lazy, and in turn ignorant. Sure there are those that can pop open a terminal, or that would install a Linux distro alongside the OSWHATEVER, but that doesn't represent the masses. Its not about the device you use, or OS, or Anti-Virus program. It's about taking the time to learn about the positives and negatives of each and not just buying something because it's hip, cool or easy. -endrant
I don't think Steve Jobs is an evil genius. He was just far more advance and saw something we didn't see.  As technology grows we grow. Growing and devouring the information should only be the better good. Now as far as others bad mouthing and using it for their own selfish and popularity purposes is only humanities fault. There are only 1/3 of introverts in this world and he is one example of a powerful one.
Computers didn't need Jobs or Gates or even Atanasoff to make us prisoners. We continue to lend our freedom out to anything that is designed to "save us time."
I just hope the day doesn't come where the PC is as locked down as something like the iPad, where I have to "jailbreak" the device just to be able to use the OS or software I want. Very disappointed that the Windows RT hardware will be like that. I'm very interested in these low-power ARM devices and was looking forward to Windows on ARM.
+Jeff Talley You can run Windows programs on Linux using the Wine library.  MacOSX is a BSD derivative, so most MacOSX programs "should" work with Linux.  Granted, Mac will have extensions not seen on Linux.  But I'm sure there are emulation libraries out there for that as well.

Just throwing in my two cents.  I'll shut up now :-)
+Jeff Talley It's pretty. It's beautiful. It's your new hardware-locked-and-software-restrictive-device! You may have made an active decision to toss an extra thou Apple Inc's way, but take a look at any mall Apple Store, and you'll see droves of "It's so pretty, therefore it's better than a PC, I'll take eight!" crowds.
+Jeff Talley as a matter of fact, you CAN run most Windows software in modern Linux distributions, either through emulation (WINE, PlayOnLinux) or Virtual machines (VMWare, Virtualbox). Mac software is a bit more hit-or-miss.
+Christopher Fogg I suddenly want to try this on a cheapie reader tablet like a Nook Color.. Though its processor is a little slow..
What a pathetic statement to make about a man who built a whole new app ecosystem that has paid 5bn dollars to developers all over the world. 
What a giant crock of shit.
Be pissed at corrupt governments or drug lords or weapon smugglers etc. But don't be pissed at a guy who made computers sexy.
Grow the fuck up
That is indeed a bold statement. I often thought like that too. But we can't say computer industry in general walked backwards, nor can we blame jobs as the head of such achievements (if it holds as true, which is questionable). So in my humble opinion - the statement is a poor argument. It is however always pleasant to read new viewpoints over old situations. Someone will say (or have said already...) that what is written is childish - I don't agree, and i would even complement that the children have a very special ability to throw a new light over ancient issues. Let them speak for a while and you should probably get enlightened! =)
Jobs just tethered our lives to electronics we do not think we can live without... just saying.
This kind of idiotic blinkered Google fanboy rubbish is the worst thing about Google+
Whats about your ipad sussi witch you used to upload this blog.
Bob did,t bad in his life then evils doing in this world to kill innocents by using B-52 bomber or missiles.those may be your idels.
+Chris Beach Except this has nothing to do with Google or Google users, aside from the fact that it's being discussed on G+. Majority opinion is angry Apple-ites here, to boot.
Google is the company trying to control the platform AND the data. It's trying to get everyone locked into its service monolith. THAT'S dangerous
we all know google is a monster trying to eat the internet up
Steve jobs seems pretty dangerous now.
I've kind of always thought of Richard as a bit of a nut case and that pretty much cements it.  I'm a great believer in open source, but not everybody wants to work at their technology.   And calling Steve evil - well that's just silly. 
@Darren: Everybody essentially wants to be lazy.  Technology is developed to make our life better - easier - lazier.  That's just the way it is.  And Steve and Apple did/do a good job of that.  True, it's good to know the pros/cons of the choices.  But one of the most powerful inputs you can have to your choices is word of mouth - and people say good things about using Apple products.
Ummm Steve jobs revolutionized technology and have a new variety to computers, oh yeah I'm imprisoned by a CPU that does exactly what I want faster? Bill gates is the bad 1, he made inferior computers that didn't do as much, not to mention that Jobs did a lot more than computers, he in invented the iPod and the iPhone and the iPad , I'm pretty sure that everyone here has one of those
Go Stallman.  Jobs was also a tyrant and a cheat, but he made pretty things so the world looked the other way...
Hmmm. Not really agreeing with anyone. Seems the genius isnt in any of the products. The genius was changing business on the internet and in entertainment. i product downloads over and over from i store. Billions per qtr. The tools are tools. A car is to oil as the i product is to the internet. And apple Created their own "internet". Creation is never evil thats energy. The end result is a different issue. People get involved.
+Edwin Thomas You're right! All of the things you just said totally makes locking down your systems and making them as attractive as possible so idiots with money (or not, payment plans) swarm in and buy them in bundles totally a cool thing to do, how foolish of me to think otherwise. Your Gates-hate is outdated, by the way. And nothing in the quote has anything to do with Microsoft.
and the drummer from def leopard's only got one arm!
I believe the MS walled garden is the enterprise. MS really targeted business and your PC personal computer was your personal Work computer. A walled garden managed by the enterprise. Apple has come along and broke that in some ways. Whats in store for the future, I'm not sure? Now that users have true personal devices, android and iOS, on enterprise and home networks its anyones game. Some will react and forbid this. Some will embrace these devices. But eventually both will have to realize that users with their own personal tech will reduce costs. 
I don't agree with most of his quote. As far as the technology goes, we as modding crazed Android users owe a debt of thanks to Steve Jobs and Company, if they (including MS) didn't create their tightly reigned OS's, it would not have inspired Google to do what they have done, and I don't believe Android would be what it is right now.
 We need people like that to give us choice, because we are never happy with what we have for very long and MUST progress to the next bigger and better(as I impatiently wait for my SGSIII to ship).

Apple may not be my cup of tea, but it is for a HUGE percent of the population, and the proof is that they are still in business, and still producing great but over priced equipment
Hmm the if the matrix exists within our imagination as humans then are we prisoners of our own brains or minds?
Ahmad E
Very true! It's a tool to keep track of the worlds population! Real talk. In real time....
Well should we start looking for another computer genius & an pararelled marketer? Surely some somewhere is in the making.
I'm no apple fan boy but I love that all these people saying this is a great quote.... Well people you you had to be on one of the various technologies that he pioneered to have seen this quote in the first place.
I agree with Jose, for those who feel imprisoned by technology, why are you here? It is because of these devices and technology that we can reach out to people across the country and the world and for once not be restricted. With information at peoples finger tips so readily available there is no excuse for lack of education any more. I would say that because of people like Jobs, we as a people have come a long way in our generation.
lol um, he found a genius way to market a product and kept upgrading it, i would not call him an evil genius for it, he was very intelligent and a even more clever business man.
Do not DARE to defend Apple and all those that emulate them under the umbrella of "its just business"... Business unchecked can be as destructive as any totalitarian regime that's ever existed. Being so blindly flippant about "business" will find us all paying just for the privilege of breathing air.
What a pile of shit...not even going to waste time explaining why if that is your view...
+Daniel Cox I hope that religious comment wasn't meant for me, because I'm not here trying to support Apple. I'm here saying how idiotic the quote is. I'm sorry, but that argument is so flawed. If I pay to see a movie based on it's beautiful cinematography, but then realize that it is not actually a great film, I don't comment on it being a good thing that the man has passed. Nearly all products today are built in a way that is meant to please the eyes. The fact of the matter is, the creater of this should not be demonized, people need to be responsible for themselves. To attack a person for making a product that is visually appealing is rediculous. Blame the people that don't do their own research before buying.
Yes. Explaining it makes it so much better. /s
Jobs is not an evil genius. He didn't tether our lives to computers. He just made them. What "tethered our lives to computers" was people using codes to MAKE the things people love. Did Steve make "Angry Birds" or any other top 100 apps? Did Steve make any of the RPG's available on the internet. Beyond that, are we going to blame Steve for the creation of the internet, or blame him for the internet being so attractive? Steve made a cup, just an empty shell, what you use it for, what you want in it, is your choice. Steve was a brilliant man, who made computers part of our daily lives. He made things more convenient, he made things easier. Have you ever typed a question into google( While you're busy blaming Steve for that)? You ever wonder what our lives would be like without computers? We'd be quite a few decades back, we would be closer to cavemen than humans. Why would lack that technology t makes the human society so brilliant. And now, while you're busy complaining about Apple and Microsoft on the internet, try to realize how hypocritical you sound.
I have a special dislike for Steve Jobs. He was as Stallman puts it, an "evil" person.  What we do and our objectives have ramifications for those around us. The mechanisms and the establishment of the "norms" of personal computers have been corrupted by his visions. Why is my property not mine? Why are my devices doing things that I can not control? It is because Steve Jobs allowed these things that we need to "jail break" our own property. His motives for these accomplishments were personal gain over his customers freedom and rights. That is evil by any measure.
+1for going against the grain -1 for arguing on the internet :p
+Josh Sniegowski No, not for you, not at all, no signs of Apple Cultishness in any of your comments so far, but it's something I see widespread - even right here in the comments on this article, it's rather blatant. That's the problem, though. That's the real root of the quote and the root of the issue, that Apple is less of a tool to many users, and more of a lifestyle, one that shall not be challenged, grr, rar. Yes, people need to be responsible for themselves, but an Apple computer strikes me as a candy-flavored pack of cigarettes. You (not YOU) were dumb for falling for the marketing in the first place, guy, and now you're hooked. It's pretty, it makes you look sophisticated, why would you ever choose anything else?

That's the crux of it. It makes you look cool, and that's the basis of many, many peoples' decisions. It looks cool. It's shiny. To hell with what it won't let you do, or how much you'll be paying for proprietary hardware replacements.

And now we're gonna sue anyone who looks even remotely similar so we're the only pretty thing.
First, concerning Steve Jobs - he just gave the world what they wanted. He is not evil. We like shiny, innovative things. The problem is that there is no getting around some of the issues in the original quote.  Google and Apple and all those guys are businesses. Don't ever forget that. They have to make  money.It is what keeps the internet relatively free and accessible to all. The key is to make sure free enterprise, and innovation, healthy competition, and CHOICES for the consumer prevail. You don't have to buy an Apple product.  On another note, Apple is getting less and less a "phenomena" on the Mac side of things since they have actually motivated other companies and products to increase their quality and to better their customer experience. Their mobile products still rock, though! 
I feel the same way about agriculture, electricity and medicine... oh and literacy too. Horrible prisons. ;-)
"Prisons." What an idiot. I love my iPhone, and would replace it with another brand in a second if I liked that other brand. Stallman apparently doesn't know what a prison is. 
we went to the moon without these shiny new prison computers or the internet.
There's one simple solution to get out of this "Prison".... Go and buy an Android phone! That's the way to go now :-)
Finally, someone agrees with me in calling iPhone and iPad the Golden Cage of smartphones. LOL
eAi nt
Come on if steve jobs still alive he will not be what you think about him now
not evil per say but yes arrogant
Jobs did do some good by making the cell phone more personal but suing competitors to keep them from competing is down right wrong. There should be laws against it and since his company began doing it, they lost focus on what matters: the people who keep them in business. There are less and less iPhones being activated compared to all the android decices now. Apple pretty much died along with him.
iPhones are so "has been" devices, they belong in a museum now.
Steve Jobs was a businessman who didn't invent a single thing. A man who didn't acknowledge his daughter up until the point where he was diagnosed so he won't look bad. Wozniak was the inventor, Jobs was the loudmouth. I respect the man's image, but get your facts straight, he's not an Inventor at all!
Each individual can either use Apple products and tether themselves to the technology or they have the choice not to use it. The marketing people at Apple blow up their products to make it seem so fantastic when they are have issues that need to be fixed. Of course all companies do this. It's called Marketing Strategy.

I personally never liked Apple. I don't know what people see in Apple. You can't customize their iPhones and can't replace the batteries. I will stick with Google Android as far as phones and tablets go.
Funny. Reminds me of the scene when the bushmen got their hands on a bottle in The Gods Must Be Crazy.
Not that anyone will read this, but why do you people care so much about what other people buy?  Go build your own computers and install open source software.  Do your own thing and stop worrying about other people's electronics. 
What? PC gets bad after a few months? Are you kidding me? And besides, telling that Jobs just invented technology and other people made everything this way is the same as saying "guns don't kill people, other people do". Of course guns don't kill people, but you can't argue that they help a lot.
Sometimes I wonder why I'm part of G+. For a crowd that claims openness and freedom, Google fans are possibly worse than Apple fans when it comes to attacking the other. In fact from my experience, I have never heard an Apple fan flat out wish the demise of Google or its creators.. It's the Google fans who seem to think that everyone who likes Apple products is a hopeless imbecile with no knowledge of technology. I get that people like to root for the underdog (please don't take offense to that, i'm simply talking about monetary value,) but not everybody who buys an iPhone is an idiot. I am a computer programmer and just like Mr. Stallman, I have always appreciated the versatility and freedom of Linux and Unix but because I understand the pros and cons of different operating systems, I cannot in good conscience say that Steve Jobs was doing harm to this world and, furthermore, actually wish that a human being was gone; seemingly because HIS/HER ideas were being spread and not mine. Should Stallman be gone if more common folk start adopting GNU?
Wow, seems like quite a lot of people have taken the blue pill. Some even twice.
So what's the point? That quote comes from someone that either thinks they got it all figured out or just simply a malcontent who never is happy about anything. Jobs was not a perfect man, oh yeah, none of us are. He contributed to society in more ways than one and he helped make technology mainstream and accessible. He was not a parasite waiting for handouts. He was a productive individual and many benefit from his efforts.
Because Apple "fans" are brain-washed to buy cheap, slave made products, then say how Globally conscience they are.....
Steve Jobs was brilliant! Weak people can't turn off!
Sounds like quite a few people don't know who RMS is, and what he has done for the world of computers.
+Daniel Cox I agree with you that looks are selling many of these products. In the end, however, that's something the consumer needs to be aware of. As I said before, people need to stop point the finger at others. Today's society is so quick to vilify the successful. Everyone wants it, but once someone else achieves success, they are "Evil."
Yawn! Everyone hated Microsoft when they had the power and loved Apple. It's so predictable and childish. Your arrogance assumes people want open technology, so they can ** it up - if you can't mess with it, luddites can't break it - you forget the people that find tech difficult. Just shut your mouth and let the people decide, otherwise you are becoming just as prescriptive as Apple!
This quote is a great reminder that some people (in this the quote's author) live only to make me feel smarter. 100,000 sperm, and you were the fastest?
Stupid stupid stupid quote
Expressing what so many people feel about this stupid Apple monopoly of the Mobile technology. It sucks. Bring on the Jelly bean, Google. 
+Scott Thomas - I assume that you are currently writing your comments on an entirely 'Made in America' tech product that was put together at a factory where workers make $65/hour?
10 years ago America had Steve Jobs , Bob Hope
and Johnny Cash - they dont have cash nor jobs not even hope
people always complain about something
Wow, that says so precisely my problem with Jobs and Apple all these years and could never put so succinctly
The age of the independent internet is over. It is time for the tools of the collaborative web to emerge.
Wow, evil. Strong word. I even think I'll get screwed on patent applications of Apple (vs an old invention of mine). But I don't think his intention was to damage us. I WAS a fan of the old Steve Jobs. But the new one had more of this contrived cult of personality style that made me question the foundations for all the hoopla they generated for products. I'm also a little sickened seeing the attempt to continue the trend, by claiming that Zuckerberg is now channeling Steve Jobs.

Jobs spoke to many industry leaders before he died, and I kind of laughed out loud when "Zuck" was on Charlie Rose. Charlie asked him about Jobs. He immediately looked directly down (and with some uncomfortable body language, in general) said something like wow! and then mumbled something like "yeah, he was unbelievable", then a prolonged pause without a firm compliment of Jobs, just small talk.

I think he is being instructed on how to be compared to Jobs, and Jobs was probably guilty of being a good showman more than this one of a kind revolutionary that many remember him (posthumously) as. But I must admit, this is the first time I've heard Jobs called "evil."

Manipulative,emotional, A-hole, an exaggerator, self promoter, self preservationist, and more. But evil is more of a judgement. I just read a older article called "Steve Jobs, the Man Who Gave Us Less for More." I definitely agree with that, and I believe WE have a better way.

But technology is still optional, and the market may not be as much under the ether like when he was alive.So you may have a point there.
Aah, nothing but another "I hate innovation" person. Yawn. Sure there are some empty caves left.
Let's hope stallman gets pancreatic cancer and snuffs it -- then someone else can slag him off !
Pathetic Stallman... Go and write a decent article about world poverty or something 
true definatly but he really turned the world into a advance stage............
Too many comments on this.  Not enough intelectual value.  As the old adage states: 

"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience." 
I don't have anything against the late Mr Steve Jobs, probably because his visions really didn't matter or bother me at a scale enough to react or respond, but I must say Apple products are ridiculously expensive.
^^^written while chained to his mac^^^

And you can break a Mac, where you can then take it to your over priced Apple authorized service center and pay way to much to have it repaired. After all it is just a PC inside. 
this is a horrible post - why would this show up in my stream. 
that is rubbish he has changed the world for ever in a totaly good way. I bet you have  a good phone or a computer and if you dont then i bet you want to :-$ that is stupid
+John Messina hate to break it to you buddy but there are more and more android devices with non user replaceable batteries....
God, I'm usually polite about disagreeing but this is one of the dumbest things I've ever read.
in the words of rick james...Cold Blooddddeed
He helped bring about Pixar. How evil is that???
What kind of loser would post that? Awful post.
I'm going to play devil's advocate here and disagree with the quote/statement. I don't blame anyone who makes a great product. If anyone is to blame it's the consumer/user. The consumer has only him/herself to blame if there is an issue with how Steve Jobs changed the marketplace and the mobile industry. As a consumer, you can throw money blindfoldedly at a product because it's popular. It's your choice and yours only to make.
Really? And using any kind of software other than Apple's is not a prison?
At least someone has the audacity of realizing the hard trush, nakedness of the king!
I was going to post a long comment on this, but I'll just say Stallman is right,

Jobs was a businessman first and foremost.  He didn't give a care about advancing technology, all he cared about was selling widgets and shaping the culture of Apple so that the money kept flowing.  This was in detriment to technological advancement and intellectual advancement of Apple's customers.
Is this suppose to be sarcastic?  With phrases like "evil genius" and "hope that his successors will be less successful than him" beside phrases like "he changed the world for the worse" and "make computers that were prisons for the users," I be be really sure if he is complimenting or condemning the guy XD
Yeah, he was crazy!!!
Hey~ grow up! Like a knife that u can use it to cut vegetables and make a delicious meals or u could use it to cut people make a broken family! I bet u hat Henry Ford as well!
This a bitter truth that the world was unaware of, Steve Jobs really copied others idea and made cheap stuff with glamour and overpriced it...... For example if you compare Galaxy S2 with IPhone 4S, the latter loses, and the S2 is cheaper...............
+Shane Vincent I was thinking the same thing...sarcastic to see how people react.
But if his successors are less successfull than him, who's going to reverse what he did? 
Wow an interesting point of view!!
Steve jobs was a failure for years and years before he got anything right, and then he just kept making " improvements" the tech he did get "right". Also there is a fine line between personallization and invasion of privacy, and i dont know if they got that line just right.
I think the funny thing is... for example, nobody looks at Budweiser and gets mad at them saying that it is their fault that people are killed in drunk driving accidents, and that people die from alcohol poisoning... because it is not their fault... it is the people's fault that don't use it responsibly... I know of many disabled people that use apple products, and they use them to communicate with their families, and to even work sometimes! The people that do not use the apple products responsibly... become slaves to them... and it is their faults... people just don't want to take initiative for their problems... and turn it around blaming it on a dead genius... (Weird right?) ...just my thoughts on it...
And damn those bastards who invented agriculture!  Imprisoning mankind in the shackles of cyclical plantings-and-harvests that crops demand, chaining us into ever larger and less mobile communities!  They are only less pernicious than those evil minds who invented writing, entombing thoughts and words in ink and paper, constraining the free range of expression into the straightjackets of grammar and the expectation that other people should be able to understand what you're saying!
To me this quote wasn't about a hate for Apple (you Apple fans always take such offense), but rather a fear of computer technology. Notice the point was that Apple (Jobs) only started bringing computers to the masses ("After he did this, Microsoft started doing the same thing.") and that this supposedly "changed the world for the worse." I'd be amused to learn what Mr. Stallman thinks of the present and growing dominance of smartphones and - better yet - how he feels about the future technologies of biotech. If he's keeping up on these things he's probably going nuts with paranoia.
I agree we are relying a little bit too much on technology.but jobs was a genious. Dont tell me you dnt own a computer or smart phone.We'd be nowhere without hime
We'd hardly be nowhere without him.  Mac has always had a negligible market share for computing, and they didn't popularize the smartphone, they were just the first to capitalize on a touch screen smartphone.  And if you think that wouldn't have come about if it wasn't for Steve Jobs, all I have to say is roflmao.
With technology constantly evolving, I find it hard to place blame on Jobs. One way or another, these gadgets were going to happen. The things or apps (thx Steve/Apple) on these gadgets is where I take issue. So I blame Facebook and a few others.

But hey, if Soccer Mom and Soccer Dad sit next to each other and would rather have their faces buried in their phones instead of what's going on in the game, well, that's their choice.
But now we have jailbreakers so the world is happy again :-)
Shout out to the HACKERS!
Pffft please...the consumers are responsible for their own actions. Steve Jobs was just a businessman 
Even if Stallman thinks we've abused technology like a drug, it's lazy to blame Jobs. Computers are multi-purpose tools; good is done with them, and time is frittered away on them, too, but individual users are responsible for any aggregate evil.
Your history is a little fuzzy.   The Altair existed long before an Apple or a PC, and Gates wrote the basic language for it.  Neither company invented the computer.   Both companies are using interfaces invented by Xerox.   Everything is based on something that someone else did first.
The problem these days is that people want to blame others for their choices. No one handcuffed you to the computer, you had a choice and choose to use it. When are you people going be accountable for your own actions. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!, Can't blame someone else for your stupidity.
If using a particular OS or device makes you feel imprisoned, your mind has been trapped all along and you have no will power
John E
They tuk arr Jawbs
helo sIr im respect for u,,plz im requst for u sir im join for this job.
John E
Sreejayan, I'm not sure if you've really got the hang of this Google plus thing mate ;)
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