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Why people drink hooch??Why hooch buisiness is on boom???
Excalibur Stevens Biswas

People don't like those people who drink hooch, because its cheap , it gives a rotten smell and also its symbol of low class and status. Hooch or commonly known as homemade alcahol which is made by the mixture of rotten rice,rotten fruit juice and sugar and its mixed with high amount of urea and is boilled untill it looks like clear water. The composition it already looks like a poisionous drink but if seen it play an imoortat role in black economy and the hooch dealers do play major role in local politics and local underworld;as the amount earned by selling hooch is huge as its consumed by most people who come from lower society, and unfortunately in India 70% of population are below poverty line. And these people are customers of these hooch dealers, so in such a way they earn a lot, and why these people go to hooch delears, because they provide good booz at low cost becaue a premium alcahol costs near about 75 rupees approx(180 ml) and same amount of hooch comes for 20 rupees and it gives a nice booz. Its a nice deal for the lower class.
Now who are the consumers of hooch, mostly come from lower end of society and specially people who do lot of manual labour for eg:- ricksaw drivers , building labours ,small shopkeepers who can't afford premium or country liquor. They consume it to get a
relief from both mental and physical stress they go through whole day because alcahol is one kind of stress buster. They all know that hooch is dangerous for health, and in past it has taken lots of lives, then also they consume it, just for relaxation from the stress they reccieve.
Selling hooch is illegal then also its not banned but then also it plays a major role in black economy and these hoooch dealers have their own hooch dens even in the heart of metro cities, because these hooch dens provide nice money both to local politicians and police, so they don't care, because this poison kills poor people not rich and poor people they're not responsibility of anyone only victims. Now government can take serious step about these hooch delears but they don't because they do need support of local politicians to reclaim power and they don't want to close their (local politicians) income. And for governmnet poor people don't exist but government need its hooligans to maintain its regime,because hooligans play role in voting procedure not poor, and these hooligans are one way or other are involved in this buisiness.
The major population will still consume this poison, they don't want to know the complexity and who know they don't care because they know they can't change it.They will consume the poison because it relaxes them from daily stress and comes according to their budget .
I asked a guy once,"why you drink this poison it will kill you", he replied ,"the system has murdered us so we are already dead.".

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