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Rick Noel
CEO & Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc.
CEO & Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc.

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Understanding and Using Quality Score by +Richard Noel via +eBiz ROI, Inc.

Often it seems, advertising is a business obsessed with quantity. How many people saw my ad? What is the click-through rate for your new campaign? Is your ROI what you want it to be?

All of these are undoubtedly important. Any good marketer will want to track these metrics. But when it comes to Google AdWords, in order to reap the quantity you wish to achieve, you first have to think about quality. That is why understanding and using quality score is key to AdWords advertising success.


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Maximize Conversions - A New Bidding Strategy for AdWords by +Richard Noel via +eBiz ROI, Inc.

Maximize Conversions is a new AdWords automated bidding strategy using machine learning to automatically adjust bids for more conversions. The bid adjustments show your search ads to those most likely to convert while staying within your daily budget.

#MaximizeConversions #AdWords #MachineLearning #ROI

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Selecting the Right Type of Campaign in AdWords by +Richard Noel via +eBiz ROI, Inc..

Selecting the right type of campaign in AdWords is important as each campaign type is designed to satisfy different marketing objectives.


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3 questions to ask to position your next Google AdWords campaign for success. by +Richard Noel via +eBiz ROI, Inc.

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Defining Your Audience with AdWords by +Richard Noel via +eBiz ROI, Inc.

As all business owners know, it is imperative when trying to sell your product
that you have a clear picture of just who you’re trying to sell it to.

For search advertising, it starts with defining your audience in AdWords.


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Pretty soon, advertisers will spend more on mobile advertising than TV. Not all video ads perform the same though.

Learn how +YouTube is transforming video advertising in a mobile skippable world.

#BumperAds #TrueViewAds

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Learning some basic Internet advertising terms concepts will prepare you to get more ROI from your Google AdWords campaigns.

#AdWordsTerms #ABCsOfAdWords

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Are your display ads underperforming? Want to earn more ROI for your display campaigns? Here are 3 ways to optimize your display ads on Google's Display Network (GDN)

#DisplayOptimizeStrategies #GDN #ROI #ROAS

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Learn How Google Ranks Ads by +Richard Noel via +eBiz ROI, Inc.

Ever wonder how Google ranks ads in its realtime ad Auction? What about why your ad is showing in a low position or not showing at all? See how Google Ranks Ads relative to competition.

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