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I Like It Organic!
We enjoy the quality of the organic lifestyle.
We enjoy the quality of the organic lifestyle.

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Here is a simple tip on how to read the nutrition facts labels in food products.

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Wishing to connect with other organic nuts!

Circle us!

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Find a local farmers market. Thousands of locations covering all the United States.

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Organic products can be more expensive than regular products. Are they worth the extra cost? The right answer to that question is: it depends.

The main reason for choosing organic over regular products is to avoid contamination from toxic pesticide residues. Fruits and vegetables may retain more or less contamination depending on several factors, including how porous their skin are or how likely they are targeted by pests in the first place.

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Os Doze Sujinhos: Here is the equivalent to the Dirty Dozen for the Brazilian market. As you know, in different countries, farming practices vary so that the Dirty Dozen list is not valid everywhere!

Atenção pessoal do Brasil! Veja aqui a lista de produtos que você deve usar como guia de compras.
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