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Sylvester Stallone’s Corrected Facial Asymmetry
    Some people who chose from the many plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills may want to get a particular procedure done in order to look as beautiful as the many celebrities in the area. Still, there are many times people get them done because of a really serious condition. It may not be anything that is life threatening, but they may need it for professional purposes. Take Sylvester Stallone, for example, the majorly inspiration actor from all of the great “Rocky” movies and who is now the star of another boxing drama blockbuster on the big screen called “Creed”. He has no problem with the concept of having had surgical work done, and that men do it too…even the ones with tough images like him!
Sylvester Stallone years after his facial asymmetry procedure. Image from
    Mr. Stallone was born with destroyed nerves in the side of his face, reportedly because he was taken from the womb with forceps. What happened in the end was his mouth was left permanently crooked because of it. Well, according to People Magazine, it presented a problem when he was about to play as the iconic character ‘Rocky Balboa’, being that he had lost a lot of weight for that very athletic role as a boxer. After he dropped the pounds, the left side of his face started to do the same, so he had it repaired.
    If have an ailment that you may have been born with that cannot be taken care of in your home country, call us at Medical Voyage to make Beverly Hills your place to get your procedure done. Even if you were not born with a defect in your appearance like Sylvester was, if you need help with your visa or have questions about finding the right doctor, or even a great lodging facility in Beverly Hills, don’t hesitate to give us a call today for your over the phone quote. 
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