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I am about to accept that this simply won't happen... Maybe we will have to wait a few more years before El Goog takes over the internet fully (assuming the internet is still there after congress is done with it).

Google+, now open for business, accepting all irritated Facebook-ers!

Nearly five hours of practice time logged today... Go two octave scales on upright! Fingers are nice and raw, and warm, fuzzy, accomplished feeling in my tummy.

Facebook is officially working on its rally against Google+. Come on El Goog, you can do it!

For now, Google+ sill feels very elitist. And in a bit more time, it will have just the perfect group. And then there will be a crowd but it is still the minority. And in theory, once it is crowded, I won't even care because of circles. seems like it will be really cool when there are a decent number of people rocking it, but with 5 people that you know...well...I look towards the future!
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