Happy New Year and welcome back to our Monday reviews, everyone!

We start 2013 with a roundup of accolades, highlights and reviews of the Gymnastics year 2012, sad news from Spain, and an outlook of Beth Tweddle's appearance on Dancing on Ice.

Douglas named AP's Female Athlete of the Year for 2012
○  +USA Gymnastics - http://goo.gl/KMaqp

Olympic gymnast Smith proud of MBE
○  BBC - http://goo.gl/g6fR4
○  Daily Star - http://goo.gl/RVocW

Gymnast takes prize as year's top athlete
○  Baomoi - http://goo.gl/jkfeT

Aerobic Gymnastics World Champion Ivan Parejo receives Medal of Recognition of the Spanish National Olympic Committee
○  FIG - http://goo.gl/JDDpQ

Louis Smith crowned champion on Britain's "Strictly Come Dancing" 
○  The Examiner - http://goo.gl/WVBmu

Olympic gymnast Andreu Vivo dies of heart attack
○  FIG - http://goo.gl/ewCsT

2012: The Gymnastics highlights
○  The International Gymnast - http://goo.gl/Oz35G
○  The Examiner - http://goo.gl/VYemh
○  The Couch Gymnast - http://goo.gl/Lge4u
○  Full Twist - http://goo.gl/fv5UL
○  The Australian Gymnastics Blog - http://goo.gl/8qwgy
○  Gimnasia Latina - http://goo.gl/akpFT

2012: The Gymnastics year in review
○  The Examiner
January-June - http://goo.gl/58D85
July - December - http://goo.gl/BeKIo
○  Gym Blog Brazil
Part 1 - http://goo.gl/fgpEx
Part 2 - http://goo.gl/IPdVR
○  Trampoline Pundit - http://goo.gl/jlmC7

Beth Tweddle MBE set to star in Dancing on Ice 2013
○  BG - http://goo.gl/ud5D4

Have a great start of the new year!
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