Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Here is our update from the world of Gymnastics to brighten up the start of your week:

FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Tartu (EST)
○   Miss Valentine review - http://goo.gl/5YBNP

"You just have to love Rhythmic Gymnastics"
○  Aliya Garayeva (AZE) in an interview with Miss Valentine organisers - http://goo.gl/X9f6K

FIG Artistic Gymnastics Challenge Cup in Cottbus (GER)
○   Trailer - http://goo.gl/MGRGT

Interview with Andreea Raducan (ROU)
○   GymCastic Episode 19 - http://gymcastic.com/?p=715

Komova Counting on Coming Back Strong
○   International Gymnast - http://goo.gl/F1J0U

Gymnastics Examiner on Mykyla Skinner (USA)
○  Routine of the day - http://goo.gl/8eivm
○  More new moves - http://goo.gl/ytosJ

Inspire a generation
○   Gabby Douglas on Instagram - http://goo.gl/HCMnt

Gymnastics legend Vera Caslavska (CZE)
○  Full Induction Speech of 2012 - International Gymnastics Hall of Fame - Vera Caslavska - Part 1 - Full Induction Speech - International Gymnastics Hall of Fame

Three men added to U.S. Men's Senior National Team
○   +USA Gymnastics - http://goo.gl/b1Q1l

Gary Smith, World Acrobatics Society 2012 Legend
○  Trampoline Pundit - http://goo.gl/GkBZi

National Gymnastics Week
○  Gymnastics Canada - http://goo.gl/8gQH0

February Gymnast magazine now online
○    +British Gymnastics - http://goo.gl/82pxc

IOC Executive Board recommends 25 core sports for 2020 Games
○   +Olympics - http://goo.gl/nzYKl

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (BRA)
○   +Rio 2016 - http://goo.gl/idfaI

Have a great week!
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