Happy Monday, everyone!

Here's our Gymnastics roundup to start the week with:

2013 World Games Cali (COL) - Ready for the final spurt!
○  promotional video - http://goo.gl/scN9K
○  press release - http://goo.gl/N8WJt
○  event website - http://www.theworldgames2013.com/

Gymnastics will be on the programme of the first European Games 2015 in Baku (AZE)
○  UEG article - http://goo.gl/AAxHZ

Men's Gymnastics: Best of the 2009-2012 Quadrennium
○ video montage - http://goo.gl/tMKy4

The Road to +London 2012
○ Women's Artistic Gymnastics video montage - http://goo.gl/xeUyh

Rhythmic Gymnastics highlights 
○ clip by Gymnastics photographer Tom Theobald http://goo.gl/QO3TO

The Couch Gymnast - AYOF Gymnastics Competition Galleries

Book Review: The Other Side of the Medal - Andrea Raducan (ROU)
○ The Couch Gymnast article - http://goo.gl/09mKV

Cold weather in Great Britain animated fans to build snow gymnasts 
+British Gymnastics photo gallery - http://goo.gl/1Y6PH

Spectacular gym pics outside the gym
○ DTB series on Facebook - http://goo.gl/62hg6

10 Questions with Qatar's Shaden Whodan
○ Triple Twist Gymnastics - http://goo.gl/l8Sdt

Will Rebecca Bross Return to Gymnastics?
○ Gymnastike video interview - http://goo.gl/fKmUk

Elizabeth Seitz is ambassador for the International German Gymnastics Festival 2013

And last but not least, take advice on how to become a good gymnast :

Have a wonderful week!
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