Happy Tuesday!

Here's a summary of recent #Gymnastics  news, you shouldn't miss!

2nd Gym for Life Challenge, Cape Town
○  The Bruno Grandi Trophy is Austrian! http://goo.gl/YDqdp
○   #GymForLife2013 concludes on a high note! http://goo.gl/2Ov8E
○  Event micro site - http://capetown2013.fig-gymnastics.com/
○  Highlight videos - http://goo.gl/GL6A1

Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade
○  Artistic Gymnastics results - http://goo.gl/jn5qW
○  Men's Teams - http://goo.gl/IuKsF
○  Women's Teams - http://goo.gl/ljhbb
○  MAG and WAG All-around Finals - http://goo.gl/U1x9u
○  Rhythmic Gymnastics schedule and results- http://goo.gl/IRP5k

Alexander Alexandrov appointed Head Coach to the Brazilian Women’s Team
○  +Comitê Olímpico Brasileiro  - http://goo.gl/pGLdm

Iordan Iovtchev continues to impress
○  Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Youth & Sport - http://goo.gl/dajFQ

German Gymnastics Federation (DTB)
○  The DTB published a series of beautiful image trailers on YouTube - http://goo.gl/tu5LG
○  Making of - http://goo.gl/wQf3t

Legendary coach Gene Wettstone turns 100
○  International Gymnast - http://goo.gl/uzaFO

○  The Couch Gymnast - http://www.thecouchgymnast.com/tweet/

Aerobic Gymnastics World Silver medallist Nicolas Garavel (FRA) weds
○  Facebook - http://goo.gl/IGjKg

Women's compulsory music available on iTunes
○  +USA Gymnastics - http://goo.gl/F2A9l

When Gymnastics is taken into the real world
○  McKayla Maroney on Vine - https://vine.co/v/hzIa35rVhHK

Have a great week, everyone!
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