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I'm awesome.

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Cool block breaker type game my friend came up with, took him a long while to make so try it out, a lot of fun. Free (ad supported) version as well for you cheap bastards. 

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Cool your jets everyone, good explanation here. Hearsay aside, I have no qualms with this.
CMStats for dummies

CyanogenMod is an organization that learns by doing. In order to facilitate this, we need a way to gather some basic data about how our software is used. Starting with CM7, we added a small piece of code which collects some data about the device it's running on, anonymizes it, and sends it to one of our servers. Both the client piece and the server piece (you can view the data at are open source. Most other Android ROMs which inherit from CM also use it. 

What we gather from your device:
  * Unique ID (a one-way hash of IMEI or MAC)
  * Device type
  * CM version
  * Country
  * Carrier

So why do we use your IMEI or MAC?  We wanted a way to know the count of unique devices that are running CM. Simply using a generated value per device doesn't persist across wipes. Before sending anything to our server, we run a hashing algorithm on the value such that it always encodes to the same scrambled value and (theoretically) can't be reversed back into it's original value. It's been made apparent that this technique could be broken by someone with large amounts of computing power and time, so we will be revising it in the next few days. We can't use download counts as a metric here, because so many people install a new build every day.

We use this data to see how our team is performing. We can see that in the last 24 hours, over 17,000 devices had CM installed on them for the first time. We know that China has the most CM users, followed by the USA. And we know what devices are the most popular with our users (a bunch of devices from Samsung). 

We also like to be able to use this data to approach others in the industry and show that we are a very significant portion of Android users. Often this means talking to device makers about helping us out. Nobody will listen unless you have something worth listening to.

We don't give this data to anyone. In fact there are only two people with access to the server where the stats software runs. We have no plans to ever sell the data or use it to target ads at our users, and the data we collect wouldn't facilitate that anyway.

To us, this stuff is for the good of the project. We do provide an option to turn it off, but we'd really like to turn it on for everyone as it removes some uncertainty. Privacy is an incredibly hot issue for some, so we will keep the opt-out around as we evolve the code. Please leave it on if you can though.

Metrics are used by anyone who actually cares about what they are doing. I personally have many years invested in CM, and high hopes for its future. We are interested in knowing technical data, not your personal data. The intention is often misinterpreted by people on the outside, but our code is open so you can see exactly what we are collecting.

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Here I am... rock you like a hurricaneeeee

+Motorola Mobility, the battery life on this RAZR M is unreal. I grabbed one for my mom because she wanted something smaller than her Droid RAZR and it just won't die! 3.5 hours screen on time at 40% battery, whattt

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Speaking of shools, New York's suck. Taken on Avenue U.

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A great quote comes to mind... "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." If you believe that, take half an hour out of your busy lives and watch this, it's worth it.

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Can never get enough of #OWS , right? Most surprising fact to me: 92% of OWS is college educated while only 70% of tea party supporters are.

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It's not very often I'll use the words "must read" regarding an article, but if there ever was a time for it, that time is now. Please give this a good look over and understand a little better why #OWS began. Not every protester fully understands the reason for the movement, and YouTube can show us there are plenty of sheep who really do just want a free ride... But for those constantly posting mockeries of the protest and holding the belief that it was a movement started out of indolence, give serious consideration to what's written here.

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Herman, you're embarrassing yourself. Just give up.

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Gimme gimme gimme!
IMPORTANT Contest Giveaway – Two Limited Edition Fine Art Prints - Vol.2
(valued at $750.00 each) Sorry for reposting this but the response was more than I anticipated :) Since I already reached the Google + Limit of 500 comments with my first post, Please reshare & leave comments in this one to let me know that you have shared my post* It is really important to leave a comment once you shared my post, this is the best way for me to know that you did.

To celebrate the arrival of 100 000 Google + users that have circled me, I have decided to create a contest and give away not one but TWO of my Limited Edition Fine Art Prints 24x36in (valued at $750.00 each) The winners will choose the print of their choice from my gallery located here Prints will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity.
To Enter the contest, simply reshare this post and let me know you did by leaving a comment below. I will also keep track of the reshares via the new feature « View Ripples » I will then attribute a number to each participant and choose the winners using The list of participants will be posted periodically. So if you intend to participate, make sure that your name made it to the list. Contest ends December 10th, this date will mark the 5th month I have been using Google +. This might also make a very nice Christmas present if you decide to give it as a gift.

I will also take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the countless comments, shares, +1 and all the time you have spent viewing my work. I am touched and overwhelemed by the awesome response. This really means a lot to me.. You guys fuel my passion so much I have no words for it.

Shout out to the Google team who have created this wicked platform. Never have I seen such quality content & interaction between users. You Guys Rock!!!

Stay Strong & Live with Passion
Patrick Di Fruscia
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