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Free cash register POS software
Free web based cash register point of sale software
Free web based cash register point of sale software

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Software update Apply a discount to a selection of items Now it is possible to select items on the receipt before applying a discount in order to apply the discount to the selected elements Splitting an order You can now split an order into thw separate orders. Simply select the items on the receipt then click the New order button Top sale by item PDF reports now show the items sales report table sorted by total of sales. Action button Pending Orders This new action button will let you quickly swith between the processing orders. Action button Cashout This new action button lets you quickly record an output of cash in your cashbox Change on meal voucher Now change is not given on voucher meal. This option can be changed in the setup page. SumUp discount Anyone who registers with voucher code freecashreg, can enjoy a 20 Euro off discount from PIN .

New features available Some new features are now available on free-cash-register.netEdit items names of an order on the receipt : this feature let you double click on an order's item, directly on the receipt, in order to edit the name of this item if you want to add details (example : Queen pizza without mushrooms). This feature needs to be activated in the Config page (in the Item section).Changing the date of an order : this option now lets you choose the accounting date of an order, which can now be different from the validation date. This feature is available through a new Action type you can add to the cash register keyboard in page Config, Actions, which is named Value date. It will let you access a calendar in order to choose the date of the current order during its creation.New SMS invoice tags : some new tags are available in order to customize you SMS invoices, they will let you have all the details of a classic invoice in your SMS.Improvement of our custommer relationship : following the recent overflood of our custommer support service, we have deployed a new back-office in order to be more efficient to answer your needs. We also now collect your questions, in order to aggregate them into a Frequently asked question page.Voucher gifts in text format : now lets you print voucher gifts with a receipt printer. The feature needs to be activated in Config page.

Software update New features : - Alerts on new orders on the online shop (needs a setup to be activated) - Display of totals of discount/supplements in the reports - New payment system : Adyen

NFC client and user identification with credit card or mobile phones Quickly identify your clients or log into the software simply using a phone or a credit card (or any contactless NFC card). Android/PC

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SumUp and Payleven credit card processing The new version of the Android application is now supporting and in order to process your payments

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Credit card processing feature available now provide credit card processing feature on iOs and Android with payleven. This bluetooth device (in shop section) will let you accept Visa, Mastercard, V-Pay et Maestro within your cash register. For more information, please see the help section

Restauration module and html reports Table plans : draw the plan of your shop, then associate your orders to their consumption table Preparation : create a "Preparator" user which will process the list of orders to be prepared Html reports : automatically receive html reports in your mailbox History : New view of orders waiting to be paid

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Windows binaries available This executable will let you use in a fullscreen window as a separate process. Nb : The software still requires an internet connection, barcode reading with webcam is not supported. The link is available in page Help, General information

Promote your online web shop Get a link from our home page ! I will improve you visibility and the search engine optimisation of your web shop. In order to apply, go to Setup - Webshop page.

Import of your restashop product list Import the complete list of your prestashop products, and synchronize the updates you have made in a single click. Setup the option in Setup > Items page. More information available in the help pages.
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