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Oh so you brought your Beats headphones to school but not a pencil

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I'll just throw together an album for #FranceFriday because I has a feeling that I'll be the only one doing this so I don't want it to be awkward. So... "Let's" start.

Okay, so these are the majority of the pictures I have of France on my computer. There are more but I didn't think I should put them on here
#FranceFriday (9 photos)
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It's one thirty in the morning and I'm stuffing my face with chocolate

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A bosslike picture I took of the White House ^^
America would be proud of my wonderful partiotic photography!

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"I'm sick of everyone telling me what to do all the time! I hate my life! I hate everything! I wish I was dead! ...Well, no, I don't. Not really. I wish everyone else was dead."
— Calvin, Calvin And Hobbes

+Miyuki Satou
Finished all 49 cards, and all 8 game pieces.
...Time to get started on the board!
And all of this is 100 pecent handmade! I've spent about five hours everyday working on it, doing all of my homework in first period and on the bus. So, I need to figure out how in hell I'm going to set this board up. Speaking of hell, instead of Jail, you have to go to Hell. Clever, right?

I wonder what would happen if I ate a bunch of Mentos and drank some coke right after that...

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These are the reasons that I want to become a photographer! :)
Not really "springy," but I thought I'd post another one of these pics. ^^

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A picture I took when I went fishing with the guy I used to be in love with. It was the best day of my life. All of the pictures I took on this trip were taken using a horrible camera (on a Nintendo 3DS), but the memories will always be clear; even on a crappy camera.

Happy #treetuesday , you guys. ;)

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#whateverwednesday really you guys? Okay, I guess I'll add something...
It's ice cream with too much whip cream.
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