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Prep for Bodywork - Part 2
Time flies when you're having fun.  For me, it was more literally than figuratively.  In the course of 8 days, I was on 8 flights, traveled some 6,500 miles by air, crossed the US/Canada border twice, and saw a temperature swing of 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  A...

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Body Prep for Bodywork: meticulous and boring
Paint flowed onto the underside of Eleanor in November last year.  What a milestone!   And then the flow of work came to a screeching halt.  You're familiar with the drill.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  Family gatherings.  Post-New Year reset.  Add to the reg...

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Last week, a friend of mine sent me a link with a couple of pictures in it of a frozen lake in Michigan.   Well, you might say, "It's winter in Michigan.  Of course the lakes will be frozen."   That's true, but it's rare to have what is called "clear ice". ...

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Finally! Paint is flowing!
It's been quite a Fall.  As I looked at the calendar and how full it was becoming, and how much
of the month had already gone by, I had my doubts that I would have any
window to get the floor, lower firewall, and front frame rails in epoxy
primer this ye...

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Preparing for Paint and Body Work
I feel like I've got a foot in the U.S. and a foot in Canada lately.  It's been a crazy busy time with work and family.   Throw in a wedding, baptism, and weekend PR travel for me and October has flown by quickly.   Case in point:  I've only been able to go...

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Sachigo Lake & Weagamow Lake, Ontario and Churchill,Manitoba

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August 2016: The Other Half of the VBS Season - Part 1
It's hard to describe the time slipping away so quickly on the last 4 weeks of
the VBS season, let alone how it got to be the end of September.  It
must be what a Navy pilot experiences when taking off from an aircraft
carrier--a catapult launch going fr...

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Floors and Firewall - Part 4
It's said "Time flies when you're having fun."   Well, I would say, "Time flies when you have more things to do than the calendar can hold."  That's a better and more accurate description of my life.. My summer in Canada came to an end in August.  Over the ...

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Garden Hill, Cat Lake, and Red Sucker Lake
The summer schedule continues to march on, sometime at a pace that seems quicker than one can imagine.  It would be nice to be able to put things in  s... l... o... w...   m...o...t...i...o...n  every now and then.  It would also be nice if all the plans th...

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Shamattawa, Norway House, and Wapekeka
Week three of the LAMP VBS season is in the books for me as three teams came up from "south of the border" to conduct VBS in the communities they so graciously and willingly volunteer to serve.  This is also the first of four weeks in a row where three or m...
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