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پرشین ترند شده موقع سال تحویل!

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G.R.4  the last goodbye
Dear Google,
You started off being what the users needed at the time and you grew just by listening close to what they have to say... Now hear us on this one:
Google Reader has been the one place we shared our thoughts, likes and dislikes. It was the one place we had to retreat, meet people of our own kind, licked our wounds and recovered to go face life. YOU RUINED THAT... in an unfair war, you crashed OUR HOME!
Now... like that it was not enough, you are putting it's dead body to rest? It's out home you're crushing not just some service you used to give!
Dear Google, you used to be smart and listen to people... Stay smart!
and Don't Be Devil
( pl. check the petition )

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سلامتی همه ی اونهایی که لپ تاپ رو هم میذارن سر سفره هفت سین تا خانواده دور هم جمع شن

Google shutting down Google Reader? What's next- Gmail? Wake up Google before its too late, fire the IDIOT responsible for this and cancel the shutting down. Google is threading on a very dangerous ground.  #googlereader #reader
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