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Cole Roberts
Canadian, father, and photographer living in Sweden.
Canadian, father, and photographer living in Sweden.

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Is there a way to convert an Album into a Collection?


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+Nordica Photography 's look back on 2015. It's long. 

#DestinationWedding   #WeddingPhotography   #NordicaPhotography  #Bestof2015

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Yep. Can't say enough positives about Slack. It's changed how +Jakob Granqvist and I communicate entirely at +Nordica Photography.
Slack defies its name in stellar fashion becoming the fastest growing business app ever.

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BuzzSumo is very intriguing, particularly their insights into the sharing users and influencers. A new tool for 2015!

#Marketing   #SEO   #SocialMediaMarketing   #BuzzSumo

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Useful tactics to further integrate Google Analytics into your website.

#google #analytics #marketing #webmarketing

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Interesting insight into some potential opportunities and pitfalls in the year ahead.

#marketing #trends

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Starting fresh with Google Plus and looking to add people to new circles. Any recommendations for people to follow who share interesting content about #branding or #marketing?

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Jesus Christ It's Christmas Again!

#HappyHolidays #HoHoHo via +The Strombo Show
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