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Una Pizza Napoletana
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210 11th St San Francisco, CA 94103
210 11th StreetUSCaliforniaSan Francisco94103
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Wood-fired Neapolitan pies (no slices) are dispensed at dinnertime until the dough runs out.- Google
"Black pepper, not even red pepper flakes!"
"Really suburb Neapolitan pizzas: simple ingredients, perfect crust."
Featured by Zagat
SF's Best Neapolitan-Style Pizza
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Antonio Otero's profile photo
Antonio Otero
a month ago
This is the place for hipsters who haven't visited Naples and imagine they'll get there and: pizzas will have only 3 ingredients, additions are prohibited, and they will contain milligrams of cheese. Come here. Eat a pizza, preferably with 2 friends. Leave hungry. Go down the street to Firestone Pizza's food truck and get a better dough, a smoker crust, and better taste. Basta.
John Houser's profile photo
John Houser
10 months ago
Great pizza at exorbitant prices. It's not your ordinary pizza. The pizza is doughy, chewy. There are only five types of pizza and one of them only served on Saturday. The Margherita pizza is quite tasty. The cheese oozes. However, I wouldn't come here again just because the high price of $25 per pizza. That's a lot for meal for simple well made pizza.
Flora Fiorillo's profile photo
Flora Fiorillo
11 months ago
I have a philosophical issue with paying $25 for a margherita unless it tastes better than in Italy. I had the margherita here which was good but it didn't make me go on a trip to the times when, back home in Sicily, I'd go for pizza with my friends and savour every bite of my pizza and ate literally all of it. Don't get me wrong, it's good pizza but it is not on par with the price. I hear that the pizzaiolo, pizzaman, doesn't like to modify/add ingredients to his pizzas, which I would understand if this were gourmet pizza (maybe I have invented a term). The service is nice and we didn't have to wait to get seated on a Friday night... which was great. I would keep exploring other pizza joints in town before coming back to this one...
• • •
Yves Cornaz's profile photo
Yves Cornaz
a year ago
There is no joy in this place, just arrogance. The owners are so consumed by their purist views that dining here was miserable. After waiting for 45 mins, I asked if I could get some bread. I was hungry you know. The owner, Illaria, told me "This is a pizzeria, we don't have bread". They also don't have any appetizers, salads, deserts, "extra oil" or pepper. She was so arrogant that she told me that "the food will be so good that you will forget all about it". Later on, I asked the staff if I could have black pepper. Black pepper, not even red pepper flakes! The staff told me "We only have salt here". Seeing the surprised look on my face she told me "If you want pepper, you can go to other places"... wait whaaaat?! Yes, if you want pepper, you can't eat here. We were told that if there is a wait it is because, they can only do 3 pizzas at a time in the oven. Maybe things would go faster if Anthony would stop chatting with his friends and MAKE PIZZAS! The decor is drab. Service inattentive. People had to stand up and walk to the waitress for service. Yes the pizza oven is pretty. But maybe they should have gotten two, but oh wait, they needed space for the kids playground. Right next to Anthony's booth was a mother on the floor with her child, playing on a kid's mat... IN THE KITCHEN. Well I guess this is not so bad after all, because health violations could be worse, like having a dog in the restaurant. Well here again, Anthony and Illaria did not disappoint and went all the way. Yes you got it! There was a dog in the restaurant. #SanFranciscoDepartmentOfPublicHealth. Do you still want to ask about the food? The pizza was good. Was it amazing? Certainly not. Was it worth $25? Absolutely not! Just go somewhere else. P.S. Anthony and Illaria, check for a package coming your way in the next few days. Yes it is a black pepper mill with a copy of this review. Cheers!
• • •
Pierre-Antoine LaFayette's profile photo
Pierre-Antoine LaFayette
2 months ago
Chef is a master pizza maker. The crust is incredibly fluffy, light, and delicious. I may have enjoyed it more than the legendary Di Fara's in Brooklyn, although they make different styles of pizza. Well worth a visit.
Sherilyn Chew's profile photo
Sherilyn Chew
11 months ago
Ok! This is my favorite pizza place, and probably the best pizza in San Francisco, if not Northern California! Chef and pizzaiola, Anthony Mangieri, makes EACH AND EVERY SINGLE PIZZA! Yes - and you can watch him! He's right there, center stage. Just him, the pizza and the oven. He only makes 5-6 different pizzas, and they are all outstanding! But the Filletti and the Margherita are my faves - and that is exactly what we ordered. So delicious! It's all about the crust - the perfect texture of slightly chewy and crispy, with a yeasty flavor like a favorite bread. Because of the simplicity and freshness of the ingredients, you can really taste each flavor of each ingredient, making it a divine experience. It really makes you wonder why you would need a pizza with 25 ingredients and flavors. You don't. And do not expect it to be sliced, because you are supposed to enjoy the whole pie. Also, you will not want to share any way. So, go to Una and find out what real pizza magic tastes like. You're welcome.
• • •
Dev Sodagar's profile photo
Dev Sodagar
a year ago
I am a pizza pedant. I like pizza just so, wood fired, italian style, real buffalo mozzarella and generous, well balanced toppings. So when I found this 'authentic Neapolitan' pizzeria I was very excited. LOCATION: Set in a rather industrial style building in SOMA. The tone of the decor is what I have come to expect from the more 'in vogue' places in SF, clearly popular I grabbed a seat to read through the menu... and that's where I started to have some doubts. PITCH: They have a spiel about what is an isn't pizza that irked me. Apparently 'authentic pizza' should only use the highest quality ingredients, apparently this also means ingredients imported from Italy. Well what's wrong with that? Pizza is a food, a form of flatbread that is a street food... I am not sure what streets the creators of this pizza restaurant walk but they certainly aren't the ones I have walked in Naples - there is NOTHING 'finest' about the ingredients to be found there. Italy certainly does produce fine olive oil and mozzarella but basil and cherry tomatoes from California rival the best to be found there. The whole story seemed a rather unnecessary sales pitch that wasn't even well thought out. MENU: The menu itself was simple and saw a selection of 8 pizzas, 4 beers (2 that seemed extortionately expensive) and some 20 Italian Wines... so at least their food/drink ratios match the Italian aesthetic. The pizza selection was clear and simple offering a range of combinations of marinara, mozzarella, basil, oil, garlic & cherry tomatoes. No meat to be seen here and most irritatingly - not allowance for customization / exclusion / addition... This seems to play back to their sense of 'only the finest' but once again this is Street food! Pizza is a base for toppings, I can understand that the attitude is only the finest, a small menu that is made really well, balancing the ingredients and so on, but it really isn't a lot to ask to keep tomatoes off or a little extra cheese. FOOD: Clearly the most important part of the equation and here at least I was really not let down. Their real wood fired pizza oven is the center piece of the restaurant and with good cause. The dough was a little fluffy for my tastes but was very tasty, the ingredients were excellent, the flavours nicely balanced although a little more of the mozzarella, a little less oil would've been good, there is no denying they make great pizza. SERVICE: Quick and attentive, a little lacking in the friendliness that I am used to from restaurants in the US but no complaints. VALUE: This is a $25 pizza that is 10-12" and has no meat. That really isn't good value. Of course the imported ingredients add substantially to the cost but really add little to the flavor. It would be nicer to see locally sourced ingredients of high quality that are as tasty, cheaper and helping save the planet. Don't even get me started on a $30 beer, unless it's served in a gold goblet you get to take home it's just ludicrous. OVERALL: A nice first date location, not really worth the price given other offerings around but makes a good impression.
• • •
Daivat Dholakia's profile photo
Daivat Dholakia
a year ago
If I was asked about a pizza place where I really liked the pizza, Una Pizza Napoletana would be it. UPN, as I will refer to now, is by far the most unique pizza places that I have ever visited. No entrees, no salads, no pasta, no entree options (other than pizza of course) and no desserts. This place serves PIZZA and man do they do it right. You get to pick a pizza among a few options, no substitutes, no additions, no extra olive oil and no chilli flakes. You read it right, you cant customize your pizza. Enjoy it as is. This is by far the finest Napoletana pizza I have had in my life. Perfect dough, perfect crust, perfect sauce, perfect topping and in two words: Perfect Pizza. Each pizza costs $25 and the only other thing you can get here is a drink but your choices are still pretty limited there. The oven is open and is in the center of the restaurant so you can see how the owner/only chef is creating pies out of the limited dough they have each day. They are open only certain days of the week and only for dinners until they have dough so get there early when its open or you will have to see an Out of Dough sign. Seating is limited, I would say around 10 tables or so and it gets filled up quickly and easily. Oh yeah, each pizza is just perfect for one person so dont hope that $25 is going to last more than a meal. If you are a party of two, expect to spend $60-$70 easily including drinks, tax & tip so I would put this place as top pick for date night!
• • •


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