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Mike Romeo
I like comics, cats, and naps. One of those things my lady won't share with me.
I like comics, cats, and naps. One of those things my lady won't share with me.


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The Great Free Comics for New Readers Experiment

So who out there is interested in comics but doesn't know where to start? Have an iPad or other iDevice? Ready to try a painless, potentially mind-blowing, and entirely FREE experiment with me?

1. Go to the App Store and download the Comixology app. Install, register, and open that sucker up.

2. Click on the "Browse" button in the upper right. Click on "Series," then download the following FREE comics:

"Action Philosophers: Ayn Rand!" (+Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunleavy)
"Atomic Robo" #1 (+Brian Clevinger and +Scott Wegener)
"Battlestar Galactica" #0 (yours truly and Nigel Raynor)
"Bayou" #1 (Jeremy Love)
"Bone" #1 (Jeff Smith)
"Ex-Machina" #1 (Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris)
"Fear Itself: The Worthy" #5 (yours truly and Lee Weeks)
"Mouse Guard" #1 (Scott Petersen)
"Planetary" #1 (+Warren Ellis and John Cassaday)
"Scott Pilgrim Vol 1" (First chapter) (+Bryan Lee O'Malley)
"Vision Machine" #1-3 (me again and RB Silva)
"Walking Dead" #1 (Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore)
"Y The Last Man" #1 (Brian K Vaughan and Pia Guerra)

(The above is a list of modern classics (plus a few of my own comics which I've thrown in because I'm shameless like that). A pretty good variety of genres, all perfect starting points for their respective storylines.)

3. Click on the "Free" button on the navigation bar and download anything else that catches your fancy.

4. Read some stuff! Don't worry about reading it all -- just check out what looks like fun.

5. Then come back here and tell us what you think!

A few questions for the conversation:

1. How was the reading experience? Did the storytelling make sense? How did reading the comic in digital form compare to reading a physical comic book?
2. Were you sucked in? Did you want to read the next issue in the series?
3. Are you now addicted? Will you read more comics? Did you pay money for anything on the Comixology app after trying out the free stuff?

Can't wait to hear what you think!

As someone who's always interested in roping new people into reading comics, I've loved +Joe Mulvey's thought-provoking and hilarious "What do you REALLY know about comics?" interviews at The above experiment is directly inspired by Joe and his columns. Please reshare if you like the idea!
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Sooooo, I've been reading a bunch of Sonic the Hedgehog comics lately. Like, a whole bunch. And Mega Man, too. That's cool, right?
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