Good point here on what operating system share looks like if you consider all computing devices on equal footing (mobile, in particular).  Quoting: "Of the 1.07 billion consumer computing devices shipped in 2012, Google Android took a 42% market share, followed by Apple devices at 24% (OS X and iOS), Microsoft at 20% and other vendors at 14%."

Before you get too excited and draw too many conclusions from that, note that those metrics vary all over the map depending on your definitions.  Particularly informative, I think, is the data on usage share coming from accesses to Wikipedia:

which shows Android being used much less for web access that you'd expect from that 42% number (it's only 5% of traffic to Wikipedia).  That requires some explaining if you're going to argue that Android is now twice Microsoft in installations on computing devices.

My conclusion is Linux/Android is overwhelmingly popular on servers and mobile, but iOS dominates mobile web usage still, and most people still do most of their actual work (as indicated by web browsing) on Windows (mostly Win7 and WinXP).  But things are changing fast.  In particular, I'd at least expect Android's share of mobile web usage to grow, mostly at the expense of iOS.
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