Yet another article on filter bubbles, which is personalization done poorly.  The article does point out that "it’s possible to create 'algorithmic serendipity' that can expose people to products they didn’t yet realize they wanted", but that's more than just possible, that's the entire purpose of recommendations.

As Chris Anderson (author of The Long Tail) once wrote, "No matter who you are, someone you don't know has found the coolest stuff."  It's completely mistaken to think of personalization as a computer trying to recommend things.  The algorithms work by finding things other people loved that you haven't found yet and bringing them to your attention.  It's the same buying something because you read a review from an expert or someone you trust.  Someone is sharing something interesting with you that you haven't found yet.  It's humans help humans, just with computers letting the sharing happen implicitly and anonymously.  That's personalization.
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