Interesting claim in this review that smartphones have hit the limit on the UX value of improving screen resolution: "1080p screens are also beautiful, though, and when looking at the two, side-by-side, we aren't convinced the jump to 1440p is necessary. More pixels only matter if you can see them, and on a ~5-inch device, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between a 1080p screen and the 1440p screen of the G3. Every bump in resolution comes with more power draw, and we'd prefer longer battery life over an extra serving of pixels that make no difference in day-to-day usage."

Always interesting when improving a spec that companies have been trying to compete on no longer matters for the UX.  Smartphones may now have hit the limit on how much improving screens and CPU matters. We may be at a point where only other things -- like battery life, better voice and gesture recognition, or new sensors -- matter for mobile devices.
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