So, here's a question, does this just protect the advertising giants from advertising startups?

The new Firefox policy is that third party cookies are rejected unless you visited that website before.  That means that huge players like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft aren't impacted.  They can do any advertising, tracking, and targeting they want.

But advertising startups are destroyed by this.  They can no longer track people or target to them.  Startups can't do what Google, Facebook, and Yahoo can do.

I'm not arguing we shouldn't have this policy, just that it should apply to everyone, big players like Google and Facebook, as well as startups.  Right now, it only applies to startups.  Right now, it looks like a major side effect of this launch will be to protect big companies doing personalized advertising from competition.  Shouldn't the policy be that all third party cookies are rejected (even if you have visited the site before)?
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