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This may be a long shot, but are there any players in Portland, Oregon? Lost one of my players recently and could stand to fill in the seat and maybe an extra. Currently down to two players (and myself as GM). May broach the idea of Skype/Discord use with my remaining players.

Using an adaptation of Mystara's Known World for my campaign, currently centered on the Republic of Darokin. I'm a relatively rules-lite GM, style is mostly fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants; I like rules for structure and I like to ignore them for narrative purposes.

See what we've been up to so far:

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I'm steadily working on homebrew rules for enchanting in my Mystara AGE campaign. Rules and some prerequisites are mostly done; the bulk of the work will be formulae for specific effects.

Check it out on my Drive DOC:


To paint the picture of how I initially plan this ongoing event to work, below are some bullet-points on the concept.

- Mi casa, su casa. We are a gamer family who welcomes other gamers into our home. We aren't a lavish folk, so our home is neither big nor well-adorned. But we're hospitable and love to host for fellow geeks, so long as our home and family is respected. Being that this group is publicly visible, I will share my address to legitimate participants by way of private message.

- You arrive whenever you damn well please... Within the allotted time range, of course. Guests may arrive as early as 8:00am and as late as 11:30am, with the session(s) wrapping up by 12:00pm.

- Playtime is fluid. Players will come and go at their own times and we'll dictate that as realistically as we can to the story. Also, I will limit the amount of game time that may pass in a WUGO morning. This will ease the process of inserting a later arrival into the stream of events.

- Stick around, but don't get ahead of yourself. I have no qualms with guests staying for socializing and observing other sessions. If no one else is playing a session, we can even break out a quick card game until others arrive. What I will limit, however, is character progression. No one gets an unfair advantage to advancing their character because they're able to stay longer than others.

- Pet the guinea pigs. King Potato and his minion Xander are foofy and adorable. You should pay your respects on the way in. Though the dogs will appreciate the attention more.

- Caffeine and calories are important. Ease of preparation nearly as much. I'll make sure coffee and hot water for tea is distributed, as well as set out fruits for noms. If you bring food to share with others (which I encourage), be sure to limit to finger foods to make it easy to either get in the game or consume mid-session. I will have spare plates/bowls if you want to leave surplus vittles for later arrivals.

- Have fun and help me tell a story. Role-playing games are sometimes visualized as abstractions of pencils, intricate data sheets and tons of dice flying everywhere. My philosophy is aside from that. Chiefly, I play RPGs to make stuff up. Tell stories. Use funny voices. Get a few laughs. Make friends. Give other people agency in a world that doesn't exist. It's your game as much as mine.

- Spread the word! More attendees means more story in the long run. And more food and laughs and new acquaintances. Give folks the link to here and tell 'em "WUGO!"

If you've missed a game day (or several) and have followed the ongoing story, feel free to tell us where your character's been and what they've been up to.

Where players can show off their unique characters with backstory and relevant concept art. Also where I can highlight non-player characters that the players' ought to know about.

For chronicling the major events in a game. Character perspectives encouraged.

A spot for participants to share when they plan to participate and what they'd like to contribute for food/drink.

Where everyone can converse about and make suggestions for the WUGO community.

A spot chiefly for myself to announce play-dates as they come up and dates that need to be canceled.
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