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Alexander Morgan
Brown hair, green eyes, arms, legs, two feet, two hands.
Brown hair, green eyes, arms, legs, two feet, two hands.

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The price paid to TWC for 1 Megabit of internet service ($3.33 X 15 Megabit) is well above the average cost per subscriber ($1.32)

Hello everyone, this is my first post here and its noobtastic.

I'm playing on the Aether, Cactuar server.

I've been leveling the Botanist class and just discovered the glory that is levequests. My question is about the evaluation scores. Can anyone explain how they work exactly, I just ran a whole leve getting only 1 eval point per collection of the highest level item available to me. I would like that 25%, and that's going to be hard to get if I don't know how these points work.

Thanks ^^

I've been thinking about pursuing a sys admin career and am thinking about relevant training. The LPI certs seem to be pretty solid, but I don't know how strong they are in the job marketplace.

Has anyone here completed these certs, and if so have they helped you either find a job or make you more attractive to an employer?
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