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Pallieter Koopmans
Internet Entrepreneur (eBrain, CopyHosting, SupplySelector,, Libertarian, Futurist, Programmer, Educator, Father and Enjoyer of Life
Internet Entrepreneur (eBrain, CopyHosting, SupplySelector,, Libertarian, Futurist, Programmer, Educator, Father and Enjoyer of Life

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The CEO Genome Project concluded that a little more than half of the CEOs who did better than expected in the minds of investors and directors were actually #introverts. Key factors: 1) decisive 2) balance stakeholder priorities with delivering business results 3) reliability & consistency 4) adapting proactively (write the playbooks). #RvC #RvT

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Very interesting to read how Google is proposing a uniform way to deal with leap seconds. Technically a very complex thing, as time has a lot of impact on many systems with interesting side-effects if not done properly.

Agile does not support strategic goals well. Attempts to scale #Agile to reach strategy fall short; there is no mechanism for alignment. Making Agile work well for +Coders Academy and other contract development organizations.

Regular dinner-table conversation is very worthwhile family time that also prepares children for career success. #GoogleProjectAristotle

Summary: the key to a "perfect team" is psychological safety (good conversational turn-taking + good average social sensitivity).

The #PanamaPapers are probably the turning-point for the rich governments in the world to form a cartel around high taxes and forcing low-tax countries to comply with data exchange. This is an attack on #privacy!

PS: most of the corrupt people and crooks mentioned in the Panama Papers are politicians and government employees... Thanks #ToineManders for opening peoples eyes to this.

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+TomTom thinks I have a new name:


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Did you know that #Uber can bring this #Bluesmart travel #suitcase to you if you have left or lost it?

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A good time to see The Fountainhead again :-)
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