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Carlos G. Limardo
Hard work trumps talent, when talent doesn't work hard!
Hard work trumps talent, when talent doesn't work hard!
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Wish I had found this a few weeks ago, years actually. Putting it here so I can easily copy and paste. :)

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Holy shit! I've been wondering, as an ad company, why they didn't do this from the jump. Glad to hear it, as long as the artist get paid, this gives users the option to either listen to music whenever and deal with some commercials (like you already do on radio, but a little better controlled by the user) or just pay for it, and get no ads.

Especially since Spotify refuses to even acknowledge that Chromecast exists. Take my money (privacy)!

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Bring your kids to work day! 2015... #iCIMS

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Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

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Funny I was just talking about +Kwikset Kevo and how 'not connected' it was to other devices. This is def a step in the right direction. I'm really rooting for this "Works with Nest" to help me avoid having to go out and get a Wink so I can start controlling more devices.

I know I'm reaching for the stars here, but if +Nest were to enable it's Zigbee radio and maybe allow for controlling Zigbee enabled lights like the GE Link (only $15!) it'd be heaven and allow for Nest to basically be my home control hub - PLUS it already has a screen and interface (so no need for something like a Wink Relay).

Anyways, great news, looking forward to more "Works with Nest".

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Inspirational Monday morning music! hah... Happy New Year!

+Google , com'n where is your +Spotify ad-supported free jukebox competitor? Songify is a joke and is really competing with Pandora, not Spotify. We need an ad-supported +Google Music™ 

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First of all, it's about time I can access my Kevo remotely. I've had it for about 6 months now and the fact that it could only communicate through Bluetooth LE at close distance and was not available through "The Cloud" was a good trade-off for security. So I thought, I was wrong, I want more!

I want to be able to check if I did lock my door remotely from work or wherever. Or unlock the door for someone remotely without having to send them an eKey and make them download the app for one-time use. Another big one is being able to just check if the door is locked or not from with-in the house, like laying in bed. Even if it's within distance, the app doesn't tell me that!

So here comes Kwikset looking as though they've heard my prayers, they now allow this remotely, but instead of allowing a hub like Wink to access the lock for this functionality they come out with their own hub! With a monthly service? The Wink hub already supports 2 Kwikset "smart locks", why must the Kevo take a different route? The Wink hub is the only home automation hub I even know of that supports Bluetooth, and was specifically made so that you DON'T need to purchase multiple hubs - why Kwikset, why!?

+Kwikset, Please allow me to access my Kevo through Wink! I still haven't even bought the Wink (but am planning on it now that I got a Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect). The reason I am going with Wink instead of Hue for lights is because Wink will allow me to integrate with more things. I really wanted to go with Smart Things but since Wink has 2 additional radios (Wifi & Bluetooth) and is so much cheaper (even if I want to upgrade to a Smart Thing hub later) I figured I'd give that a try.

I would almost rather change my deadbolt to something that works with the system (maybe Z-wave deadbolt) than have to have the additional hardware that doesn't even talk with my all-in-one system.

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Lol!! Crazy Dominicans.

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Amazon Echo, pretty nice idea. Video even does a nice job of making it look cool, plus for the price it might be worth checking out - even as just a wireless speaker!

I think it would be a little better by a 3rd party company that just focused on something like this though (even someone like IFTTT would be great for this) that hooked into a bunch of other web services and apps on iOS and/or Android. OR of course something directly from the big 2 (Google or Apple) that integrated deeply with their mobile OS and respective ecosystem.

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