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Yanis is talking about an evolutionary leap for our species. I agree, we must develop a truly democratic international movement committed to the ongoing improvement of our political systems, everywhere.

In America, the Sander's "political revolution" hangs in the balance. How will it continue? That is the million dollar question. As he so often said, it's not about one person, it's about all of us.

I would suggest we focus on the heart of the matter. National constitutions must be written, scrutinized, redrafted or replaced when necessary, so as to guarantee that governments remain of, by, and for the people.

The U.S. constitution is outdated, undemocratic and is designed to protect a tiny minority. It's time we drafted a new and democratic one.
The West is in a political trap, with neoliberals like Hillary Clinton and neo-nationalists like Donald Trump perpetuating an endless loop of mutual reinforcement. The way out is progressive internationalism: solidarity among large majorities around the world who are prepared to rekindle democratic politics on a planetary scale.
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I am involved daily with the ongoing revolution to imporve democracy in America and to create a better world for those who will come next.
  • Politically active most days, I am an artist, musican, and lover of nature