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Decided that to get back into making comics I am going to do a short, stupid story. And of all the worlds I've built in my mind none are dumber than Monocle Lad, the worlds worst detective.

Here is his origin because this is one of my few old comics that I still like.

I'm feeling out of the loop recently and want to get back into comics in a big way.  What's everyone reading now a days?  Hit me up with some sweet recs (recommendations).

I'm looking for good stuff but I also weird obscure stuff, butt stuff. 

Well thanks to trying out pages when they first came out I finally bothered to claim all the G+ vanity URLs that I have any interest in. So I have both and

The problem now is that Google didn't let me set my preferred capitalization and now I am forever going to be annoyed that it gave me which I don't like because its not mybraaaaaand.gif

I know that functionally I can make the links I share whatever capitalization I want but c'mon Google, proper nouns having to have capital letters in logical places is so 20th Century.

For the first time in a very long time I've begun to feel the urge to make comics again.  However most comics I have been reading lately are written or drawn by women. These stories are fresh and wonderful.

Which makes me feel hopelessly inept.  Which isn't fair because their stories are only so unique because they have been systematically ignored since always.  My stories would be unique too if I had all the luxuries these ladies have.  #misandry

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Steven Universe 1.01 - Gem Glow (HD)

WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT! Rebecca Sugar created it and Ian JQ was involved and he has been amazing since always.

Its beautiful and funny and heartwarming and I am in love.

I am glad angry nerds are angry at the Nintendo 2ds for some reason because now I know it exists and that sometime soon I can throw money at people to get it.

I mean I can't get it in pink which definitely sucks.  Is that what people are mad about?  They surely can't be mad about Nintendo removing the worst part of the device to lower the price right?

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Finally saw Pacific Rim. In a lot of ways it's more Star Treky than the new Star Trek in its hopeful depiction of the future of humanity. It's not all just white American dudes ruling the world.

Also if there is a better female lead in an action film I haven't seen that movie. The fact that the lead characters don't make out at the end was just icing on the cake.

I am now home from getting my hair cut. Its all gone now.  I may have been a little drastic but whatever.

my head feels really weird right now. :/

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