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Marcelo Burbano
Advisor, Entrepreneur and Investor in Agriculture, Consumer, Education, Real Estate, Retail and Tech Businesses
Advisor, Entrepreneur and Investor in Agriculture, Consumer, Education, Real Estate, Retail and Tech Businesses

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One character for all video games
NEED: Can you imagine if you could export your character to all games? DESCRIPTION Ok, this is pretty far fetched but sounds also like a cool idea. POTENTIAL Not sure.

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Crowdsourcing Games
NEED Currently we have kickstarter and other to crowdfund games but what about crowdsource games?Probably there is no a specific need for this idea. It would just be cool. DESCRIPTION A platform that would incentive collaboration for specific tasks in the c...

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Facebook for Game Characters
NEED If you are a gamer you know how you would love to have a social network for your characters. A place where characters from different games could interact. DESCRIPTION Create a platform where gamers can meet having metrics that they can match from real ...

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Audible for Latin America
NEED I have been trying to understand why there are not that many audiobooks in Spanish. If you go to you will find very poor collection of Spanish audiobooks. Even most of the bestsellers are not produced in Spanish. DESCRIPTION Create an w...

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Audiobook to Text App
NEED Everytime I am listening to a good audiobook I have a great need to be able to save parts of the text in a format that I can revisit easily. DESCRIPTION An app that can connects to the audiobook apps (e.g. Audible) and can get transform part of the aud...

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TV Streaming Device
[UPDATE: Chromecast was release days after this post. Probably this is exactly what I meant with my post] NEED I keep wondering when are we getting a small device that can help me project things from my phone to the TV. It could get connected to some input ...

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Sports Video Content Aggregator
NEED I have always had some difficult time finding quality videos of the highlights of the key soccer matches around the world. The best solution is to search on youtube. I am sure there are several hundred thousand (or even million) fans that would love to...

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Your Own Personal Parenting Advisor
I have been thinking lately that I would love to read books on parenting from the perspective of the parent and the son/daughter. Obviously this will require for the son/daughter to be of certain age to be able to bring a clear perspective. I am starting to...

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Cognitive vs Non-cognitive Skills
How valuable is to teach our kids to build there confidence before building their intellect. Lately I have been reading some parenting books as I am about to have my first child and thought about my own path to knowledge. I realized that the most valuable s...

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Evolving Learning itself to what we learn on how to teach English language
English language learning has evolved in several decades from teaching it as a subject to teaching as a tool in other subjects. Now, can we do the same with other subjects? Can we try teaching our children finance to reinforce mathematics? Here is something...
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