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Rory Coleman
International Celebrity Performance Coach and ULTRA-marathon Runner
International Celebrity Performance Coach and ULTRA-marathon Runner
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Planet Earth - Duran Duran
Lyrics:- Look now, look all around, there's no sign
of life – Le Bon, Taylor x 3 & Bates Song Choice:- I love a bit of the ‘Duran Duran Boys’
don’t you? Although at the time I wouldn’t have admitted to that as I classed
them as a bit of a ‘Girl’s Band, if I...

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Ripples - Genesis
Lyrics:- 'Ripples never come back' - Banks & Rutherford Song Choice:- We are now three- quarters of the way through my 'A Trick of the Tail' set of blogs and 'Ripples' represents one of the most iconic tracks of 'Post Gabriel Genesis' in my opinion and a re...

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Entangled - Genesis
Classic Collins... Lyrics:-
'Sometimes entangled in your own dreams' - Banks, Hackett & Rutherford Song
Choice:- Well it's time to explore the full 6.28 minutes of 'Entangled', track
two of 'A Trick of the Tail', Genesis' 1976 album that reached #3 in the U...

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Dance on a Volcano - Genesis
Cool Magnolias Lyrics:- ' Out of the night and out of the dark'  - Banks, Collins, Hackett & Rutherford Song Choice:- Well I think it's time for another 'Classic Album' series of blogs and after listening to 'A Trick of the Tail' in it's entirety at the wee...

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Desert Raven - Jonathan Wilson
Lyrics:-  'Close
your eyes and fly away, let the diamonds make the light, crystal blue will turn
your ruby red'  - Jonathan Wilson Song
Choice:- This track was suggested to me by one of my clients, a couple of
years ago, as one I might want to listen to dur...

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Design for Life - Manic Street Preachers
Lyrics:- ' What price now for a shallow piece of dignity' - Bradfield, Moore & Wire Song Choice:- This song is 21 year's old, believe it or not, and  was the first to be written and released following the mysterious disappearance of figurehead  Richey Edwar...

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Adventure of a Lifetime - Coldplay
'Turn your magic on, everything you want's a dream away, we are
legends, every day' - Martin, Berryman, Buckland, Eriksen, Hermansen &
Champion Song Choice:- I know I've had 'Adventure of a Lifetime' before for one of my blog titles but it's one of...

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Ease the Pressure - The Beloved
Lyrics:- 'If you talk to me, then I will tell you something, like how it ought to be' - Marsh & Marsh Song Choice:- This is a great song from way back in 1996 and it's one that I use a lot in my training and racing. Great lyrics, great driving beat and a gr...

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Never Enough - Jesus Jones
Jesus Jones - Awesome Lyrics:- 'Don't you know happy is never enough, looking for big answers getting nowhere' - Edwards Song Choice:- Taken from Jesus Jones first album 'Liquidizer' this 2.41 minute track is pretty  rough to say the least, but is a great p...

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Elise - Thomas Newman
Song Choice:- Well here's a choice of song that will be controversial within the Family Coleman as  right now, Mother Coleman says my blogs are 'Deep and Depressing', and Lady Coleman thinks this particular track is a quote 'Real Wrist Slasher' - So I've de...
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