Language is Culture. What Is Yours?

This sign stands at the entrance of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, welcoming visitors.

Feel free to tag yourself in the photo where your native language appears. Tell me something about your language and your culture. Where are you from? Which languages do you speak? If your particular language is not represented on this picture, please comment, and let me know how you say "welcome."

Hangout can be a powerful tool for keeping languages which are spoken less often alive; it can connect native speakers of languages who might not otherwise be able to communicate frequently. I have observed people speaking ASL (American Sign Language) in hangout; I am curious as to other uses of language that hangout is being used for.

I am interested in creating hangouts for learning language and for those who speak a particular language to teach others. Are you interested in hosting a hangout to help others learn your language? Comment below.
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