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Beauty vs. Brains - which is more important
Recently met a friend, and was having a conversation about SIA's interview questions, one of which happened to be the debate segment, where interviewees were tasked to argue whether brains, or beauty was more important to a person. The team which were for b...

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Mikawa Japenese Sake Bar and Restaurant
Mikawa Japanese Sake Bar and Restaurant It's my second time here now, and I really love how the food is so well prepared, and how the service staff are all so attentive and well-versed in their food knowledge and also how they treat each customer with so mu...

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project: feed myself
As always, when the parents travel, on their countless honeymoons, my siblings and I are left to our own devices at home, and being someone who gets really lazy about going out, because having to dress up and stuff sometimes requires too much effort, would ...

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move on
Was feeling all sorts of happy. I had just came off a 1.5 hours worth of watching my idol interact with fans online.  And then, my feelings dropped off the depths of the earth upon seeing a photo. I shouldn't be feeling this way. It's was pass time for me t...

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I'll miss you.
It has been an extremely long and trying week, from what should have been an afternoon of visiting grandma ended up with me being shook awake in shock to learn about her death a mere 3 hours upon reaching home after work in the morning. To say that I was cr...

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It's been awhile, and never have I expected that my first post back after almost 4 months to be of such a depressive nature, but I guess things just have a way of its own. You can say, that my mental state has been quite affected as of late what with things...

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one step closer
Final Semester of my 20 months stint in university. So excited at the prospect of being that much closer to receiving my degree, yet at the same time, all sorts of worried for my future. But that aside though, looking at my near future, what I can say is, I...

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I didn't die
HELLO! No, I didn't disappear. Was just so overwhelmed by school and exams the past few months. Never have I worked on a project so much. I can't say I did so diligently, because, I definitely did slack off sometimes, well, who wouldn't. But then to be hone...

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JJ Lin 林俊傑 & Jason Mraz 現場表演真的太好聽了 >////< 實力唱將啊~~ 超級陶醉!


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