Cloudscape Comics is a group of comics artists in Vancouver. We are making an anthology of fantasy stories, Giants of Main Street. You can help us print it! Pre-order the book right now, or order one of our many other perks, and not only do you get a great book, but you help out local artists (local to us anyways)!

Giants of Main Street will be an oversized 150-page book with about fourteen stories and a bunch of other art and such. Cloudscape anthologies are always really well-written, and this is going to be our best one yet.

The perks are great too! And some of them are limited. There are only ten "Cloudscape Libraries," for example, each of which includes eight books from various members bundled together for $100.

Please share this far and wide!

(We're using Indiegogo for this, not Kickstarter, because we're Canadian, and can't use Kickstarter. But Indiegogo itself is American, so all the prices etc. are in US dollars).
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