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Jonathon is just this guy, you know?
Jonathon is just this guy, you know?

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Hey! Check out the Kickstarter for Cloudscape Comics' brand new anthology, MEGA FAUNA. The book is over 200 pages of full-colour comics that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. If you like pets, wind animals, or weird monsters, you'll love this book!

Rewards available include books, ebooks, pet portrait commissions, and more. And the video stars some of our favourite creatures...

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We made it! 100% funded! I get to print my book! If you want to order a copy of this young adult friendly sci-fi graphic novel, you can do so without worrying that you won't get it. But you have to do it fast. There's just 24 hours left!

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There's only a few days left for this Kickstarter to make its goal. Please repost to help spread the word!

A Mad Tea-Party is a 288-page young adult science fiction graphic novel. I've been working on it for years, and I want to get it printed now that it's done. You can pre-order a copy for just $22 including shipping anywhere in the world!

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Here is the panel on running an anthology that I was on today, in case you missed it.

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Save a writer.

Buy a book.

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I wrote an article for Bleeding Cool on writing stories set in the future when it keeps moving as you write.

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I’m running a Kickstarter to print the completed graphic novel of my webcomic A Mad Tea-Party. The book itself is going to be pretty great in print. But that’s not all I’ve got available. A couple of the reward tiers include a “set of four prints.” Three of those four are pictured here. I’ve got one more print I’m working on that will be in the set, but I’ll post it online separately when it’s done. It’s gonna be breathtaking.

If you want these prints, go to my Kickstarter and pick either the “full deck” reward or the “king of comics.” I will also include the prints in any other reward that requires shipping (like, the graphic novel for example) if you add $25 to the reward you pick and then send me a message via Kickstarter to let me know that’s what the extra money is for.

Also, anyone who buys a copy of the book (or any reward set that includes the book) between now and November 14th will get an original sketch-card of a mega fauna animal in a silly hat. All the mega fauna in hats will be posted on Tumblr as well, so if you want to see me draw a mammoth in a top hat or a terror bird in a bonnet, all you really need to do is trick someone into buying a book from me.

Sharing this post would help accomplish that...

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My books get a mention! Yay! Read this article (and also find out about the other cool-looking book that's not mine).
And Then Canada Took Over
You may have seen news recently about Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey's Kickstarter project to reprint Nelvana of the Northern Lights, Canada's first superheroine. I've known of Nelvana for a few years now, but hadn't seen any full-length stories, so I was...

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Another of the rewards you can get on the Mad Tea-Party Kickstarter is the “revolutionary mug shot.” Basically, I will draw you a social media avatar as a member of one of the above political factions in the story. These things only cost $15 which is pretty cheap for a 100% original drawing.

Have I mentioned that I’m running a Kickstarter to print A Mad Tea-Party? There’s only 20 days left, so if you want a copy of the book (or a mug shot), get on it now.

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