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Emerlye Arts
Vermont visual artist & illustrator and kirigami papercutter
Vermont visual artist & illustrator and kirigami papercutter

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Even Princesses Must Bow Down - a Clayboard Encraving (Scratchboard)
Its been a long time coming, but here is the fourth 6x6 inch scratchboard in this new "princess" series of inverted designs.  They are inverted because I've scratched away the background ink and some of the foreground to make this a nice soft, grayscale des...

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"Resisting Nanny" a clayboard engraving (scratchboard)
Here is my newest 6x6 inch inverse design etched onto a black clayboard. I call it "Resisting Nanny" or it could be "The little princess resisting Nanny." It's my second in a Princess series. If you are interested, here are some of the stages this went thro...

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The Princess Dancing with her Court (a Clayboard engraving / Scratchboard)
When I finished this clayboard engraving and set it aside to look at it, I saw a dancing princess surrounded by her admiring court. This is a 6x6 inch clayboard engraving (scratchboard) etched on a black Ampersand board using blades, needles, and a multi-li...

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A New Coloring Book - Circles of Love
I'm finishing up my new adult coloring book, Circles of Love, which should be coming out within the month.  This is a book of mandalas and wreaths with quotations on love inside them - all to color for calm and mediation.  Here are the covers I will most li...

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Ragged Edges - a Clayboard Engraving (Scratchboard)
This is my newest 6x6 inch clayboard engraving. First I painted the white board with four or five layers of colored india inks to create a wine colored marbled background.  Then I lightly sketched my design onto it. I spent about three two-movie sessions ca...

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Hemp Exotics - an adult coloring page
Hemp Exotics. My newest hemp design. After putting together my Cannabis bouquets journal (on Etsy and Amazon) I had several extra designs and mandalas, enough to consider making a separate coloring book. Just a few more designs and then.... Stay tuned.

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Butterfly Mandala
Thanks again to Harold Suttles for this beautiful and unique rendition of one of my designs from Nature's Gifts. Lovely! I like the horizontal variation in color. It makes a nice rainbow effect. Design by Cynthia Emerlye.  Coloring by Harold Suttles

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Cicada Mandala
Congratulations again to Harold Suttles,  master colorist, for this beautiful rendition of my Cicada Mandala from the Mandalas Set 3: Transformation.  You can find my set with 10 beautiful designs of creatures which transform, shed their skin, metamorphose....

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Coloring with a limited palette
Here is another beautiful job coloring one of my designs. This is a great example of using a limited palette. Notice the subtle effect one can achieve by using only two or three complimentary colors. This one has a warm, earthy feel.   Well done Harold Sutt...

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Salamander Mandala - a coloring page for an upcoming book
Next year's coloring book of Nature Mandalas is nearly finished.  I am now submitting colored versions of the designs for the publisher.  This one, Salamander Mandala, is my latest.
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