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Yet another old(school) geek
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Infinitas DM - Mobile Cartographer, Lorebook & Battlemap

Backed and shared on FB. Thanks for the reminder, +Mike Evans

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Watching this now, and ZOMG Hell yes. This is The Shiznit.Expletive expletive wow.
Found this post doing a search "dcc as above so below"
Noah Tax - scariest bloody dungeon crawl ever.
Also, Paris, FR FTW.
+James Raggi described As Above, So Below as "an unabashed freakout of a dungeoncrawl with rather abnormal dungeoncrawlers (including one that goes by the name Siouxsie the Banshee). Total LotFP movie." And he was totally right! Thanks, James.

If weird-ass, claustrophobic dungeon-crawling horror is your jam, this is good stuff. In some ways it also reminded me of a DCC funnel.

I missed the kickoff for Episode 1 - what's the general gist as far as base character creation ruleset & setting? I can either roll something new, elevate another character, or whatever, just looking for the base & feel...

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My weekend, Weird west apropos - Jimmy "but this is my mixing hand" Nitro, failed Railroad company nitroglycerin mixer, failed trapper turned coal-miner (what's this useless soft yellow metal?) and entertainer.
+Mike Davison +Noah Stevens 
[actual gig was our Halloween band - venue wanted Western 1st weekend and Haunted Mansion 2nd weekend. Next weekend I'll be Alexander Nitrikoff/Nitrokoff from the stretching portrait. Also, yes - real skunk pelt]
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I like this - great opportunity for promoting science, tech, engineering, art and math.

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So, I was setting up for my Monday-night FLGS DCC game. My gf is grabbing food across the street, and my coworker regular hasn't shown up yet. The 'other system' table in the area is packed - at least 7 players. I think another person had shown up and been redirected to the table in the front. I didn't notice her arrive, but what I did notice was the manner in which she was told that the table was full, the group hand been culled, and that there was no room - the most negative way imaginable. Maybe he was trying to be funny, but man, my jaw just dropped at the blunt rudeness. One of the occasional GMs at the store started guiding her towards the front table (which I think was close to or at capacity too) and was saying that she should check that one, and I piped up "and this one, too", at which she paused to check out the Jeff Easley-cover rule book that I'd conveniently placed at the table corner near the walkway.

I'm in the middle of Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk, and the party is just about to leave Slither's End and head North - a perfect place to join. After a very brief flip through the book, she's ready to join. The party is 4 1st level PCs with 4 0-level henchmen, and after offering the choice of a 1st level pregen or 4 0-levels, she opts for rolling up 0s and replaces the party's henchmen. The occasional GM bloke? He joined the table as a cleric. He's apparently a DCC fan already.
To echo a comment on  +Tim Callahan  's playtest thread - the kids are alright. She was somewhere between 10 and 16 (I don't have kids, I have no clue), whip smart, and was having a blast with character creation and comparing the mechanics for doing so ("It's so fast! This is fun."). The only drawback was her early departure (see age above) to catch her ride, and when she left I had to ret-con in for the last 30 mins of combat the presence of the party's 4 0s that she'd replaced.
Overall, the other table totally lost out, and mine absolutely gained. Maybe they didn't like her early hours or something, but whatever - I'm picking up great Judge flexibility tips being a player in +Noah Stevens 's hangout game, so if it means more players and a fun table, I'm gonna roll with it. DCC inclusivity FTW.

I know that there's a lot of de-emphasis in DCC on 'challenge rating', but as a judge, let's say I want an encounter to be challenging but not overwhelming, or even one that's just there to wear down the party or have them burn resources, luck, supplies, etc. I'm having a hard time equating even the basic stat blocks in the rule book with party level, especially with hit dice that slide along the die chain.
I can see adjusting a written adventure ahead of time for more/fewer or higher/lower parties, but it's coming up with something standalone that I'm not grokking.
Is the #of hit dice still the indicator of mob-level for the party? And then shifted along the chain to account for other advantages or disads? I thought that might be the case from looking at one published adventure, but another one was very different.

Sweet! On a short break from the 5e game I'm playing in, I just met the Dark Overlord manning the Goodman Games table at KublaCon. I sense the acquisition of another core rule book and some print modules. And maybe some Purple Planet. And a +1 implement of scribbling.

Comparing notes?

The Beta team started out close to the fungal forest and ventured in there to recover the ship's ejected AI. We heard drums, spied on the (ritualized?) combat and the feasting of the victors; heard the 'disposal' of the remains on the dais. Waited for the victors to leave through the arch, then entered the arena/circle. We entered the small building and explored.

Did Alpha group enter the building?
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