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Working on the notes for my#7thSea campaign. 

My next campaign I want to run something non-D20. Feng Shui or 7th Sea are my top picks.

Can a clockwork wear armor/clothing? Does this replace their normal defense, or add to it?

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So this is coming...

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So I'm listening to this this afternoon, and it occurs to me that the three of them would make wonderful antagonists for Feng Shui.

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I can see this happening in the NInth World

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Something inspirational for Numenera...

Story seed:

We often use the word "terraforming" to describe the process of making a previously uninhabitable world suitable for human habitation. But let's change that to "planetforming," the process of changing a world's ecosystem to be more suitable for habitation by a different species.

So what if, during one of the prior worlds, Earth was planetformed? What if the resulting ecosystem wasn't suitable for human habitation? And what if one of the machines that was used is still around and became active.

(For an example where the resulting ecosystem is human-compatible but decidedly not human-friendly, check out the War Against the Chtorr series by David Gerrold.)

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Some suggestions for running adventures from Strange Revelations with movie, drink, and snack suggestions.

Waiting for Strange Revelations. This is gonna suck.
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