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An aesthetically pleasing shop, with good selection. That in it's entirety is compromised by the clear lack of business experience/professionalism. The appallingly ignorant/vile female sales associate is sure to drive away any legitimate customers. Was called "dude and man" over 5 times...I am 28 years old...not what I'm looking to be referred to as when I am about to spend hundreds if not more on glass. Hopefully the owner does something about the way that store is run. Could be a great store.
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Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Came in while nearly starved to death. Tried to order something quick and simple. They weren't that busy by any stretch and still managed to give me the wrong SOUP. 2 stars because the clam chowder was still pretty tasty
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Not quite sure where to begin. The greater portion of me wants to believe I've been victimized by an infamous "money pit" vehicle situation, unfortunately the greater portion of me actually feels I have been taken for a looong ride here at the Warks circus. My issue is that in fact there were multiple discrepancies between the information being relayed from the gentleman Dominic, who is both a mechanic and handles the actual transactions (of them taking your hard earned money), and the mechanic who evidently actually performed the work on my car. I was stuck with a hefty bill completely out of the blue, which I decided to swab at the advice of the deskman who recommended I invest the money, as it was a low mileage vehicle/generally reputable in the efficiency and reliability department, and it would probably give me many more good years of driving. However when I was receiving the car from the mechanic who had actually performed the most recent work, he informed me my car was actually known to be very unreliable and quite costly when things went wrong. ? That struck me as odd; to get such drastically different opinions from two mechanics at the same shop. Then needless to say, I was not informed of the fact that my car's engine may have the worst case scenario, head gasket issue, in a personable and effective manner. I was sent off on my way thinking the absurd amount of money I had just paid would ensure reliable driving for the future. Upon going over the invoice that night after a busy day and finally having the time, I see in small type, fine print, mechanics comments section, "Any further issues car will need head gasket". Hmm, that would have been nice to be told in person.I feel they could have given some type of heads up when I was in there, in person! I drove the car the next day and, you guessed it, it shat out again. Sent back to the shop in the following days to be told, "Hey, bad news. Your head gasket is bad", aka total engine replacement is necessary. Ultimately I give Warks 2 stars after this "business" transaction because the staff was for the most part quite kind, particularly Dominic, and helpful (so I thought). However, I'm left feeling quite numb and frustrated in this situation after spending almost $1000 in repairs, immediately nullified by the fact the car ended up having an entirely bad engine and of which the possibility of such an issue wasn't fully brought to fruition in a timely/effective matter. I can and will not say anything bad about this business other than that I had an overall horrible experience here, and I cannot recommend their mechanic services.
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Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
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Overall a piss poor company. I had an original test date scheduled, and upon needing to change that test date it was done fairly simply...little did I know they charged my credit card twice, although only 1 test had been taken. I called in to try and get refunded, sure they said, just provide exact documentation and screen shots and the email confirmations and they would refund me within two weeks,,,nobody has time for games like that. Terrible company, not recommended for test taking proctoring services
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Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago