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Panodroid Support and Feedback

This post is for everyone who wants to give feedback about Panodroid, a free panorama viewer app for mobile devices that I have implemented as a personal, non-commercial project.

What is Panodroid all about?
Panodroid is an interactive panorama image viewer for Google's Android platform targeted at smart phones and tablets. It displays equirectangular panorama images (360 deg x 180 deg spherical panoramas) hosted at Flickr, local images stored on the device, or from any user-defined URL. The user can rotate the view by 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. Panodroid supports kinetic rotation and tag-based image queries. It can also act as generic panorama image viewer for other third-party apps. For a more detailed description of Panodroid, please visit its web page, or watch a video (the video is slightly outdated since Panodroid is not only a panorama viewer for Flickr images anymore, but a general purpose panorama viewer):

Video: Panodroid -- An Interactive Panorama Viewer for Android

What is this post all about?
As said above, it is for everyone who wants to give me feedback about Panodroid. Feedback includes feature requests, bug reports, criticism, questions, discussions, or anything else, you want to let me know about Panodroid---including positive feedback ;-) Of course, you can also send me feedback by e-mail. However, if you post feedback here, I can also post my answer here for everyone who might have a similar question, problem, request, etc.

What is this post not about?
This post does not replace the Google Market feedback mechanism. So please go on rating and commenting on Panodroid also in the Market. However, the Market feedback mechanism is more or less a "one-way street" where I don't have the chance to answer directly.

And now: Enjoy Panodroid, and let me know about your experience.
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Let me start off with comments by summarizing the requests that I have received by e-mail (thanks to everyone who has provided this feedback):

1. Larger preview images (already implemented now in version 1.3)
2. Possibility to load local images, e.g., from sd-card (already implemented now in version 1.3)
3. Add zoom functionalty
4. Add caching of downloaded images

I will try to consider the open requests for the next version of Panodroid.
Hi Frank,
good pano app but I cant use it on my froyo 2.2.1, can you make it compatible on froyo or is there any reason to make it work only on 2.3 gingerbread.
Hi +Lightzone India , thank you very much for your positive comment. Actually, the major problem to run Panodroid on Froyo seems to be the native code that I use to convert the panorama image on the device. Without native code, it would take 30 min to do that. With native code it only takes 40 s. First I though it would still run on Froyo since it compiles and installs without problems. However, when the native code is called, it stops.

There are three possibilities:

1. I find a way to make the native code also run on Froyo. I did not investigate it much further since I hoped for solution 3 ;-) However, If I have a little time, I will try it with the emulator. (Actually, I don't have a Froyo device at hand.)

2. The panorama conversion is made on a server rather than on the mobile device. I already have the fully working code for Goggle AppEngine. However, because of the limited free quotas of AppEngine, it would cost some money, which is bad for a free app like Panodroid. Therefore, I decided to go for an on-device image conversion instead of a "cloud" solution.

3. An update to Gingerbread for Froyo devices is released by the device manufacturer. This is what I hoped for in the first place. I thought the companies would be faster in releasing an Android update than me porting Panodroid to Froyo. Obviously, that' not true in your case.

So I would have a closer look at the problem with the native code and Froyo. Might take a little time, but hopefully, we can find a solution.
+Frank Dürr Thanks for the detailed reply,now I understand the issues faced by developers, I will try updating to gingerbread soon & test the panodroid.
Frank - Panadroid working marvellously well on my Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Looking forward to the zoom function...
I updated to GB & this free viewer gives a good output. Two issues I would like to be resolved is.
Once the conversion is done for the local images is it possible to save the cache so next time its not required to convert again.
Missing the pinch zoom function hope you will add this soon.
Panodroid works fine on a Nook Color with 512 Mb ram and Android 2.3.5 running the MIUI Nook Color 1.9.16 Rom. An option to load tiled multires panorama images together with a zoom function would be great.

Since Panodroid converts the equirectangular image in six cube tiles, is it possible to feed local hosted panorama images in tiles instead of the equi image to speed up the display of the panorama?

Weihnachtsgrüße aus Ligurien,
Thank you all very much for your positive feedback! I will -- as time permits -- try to consider your suggestions. From what I have received, I have the impression that the zoom functionality is the most wanted feature. Caching and loading of the six cube sides (instead of a local conversion on the device) would be nice to improve the performance. Also the possibility for multi-resolution panoramas (deep zooming) was mentioned. Let's see what I can do :-)
I want to display Panorma images in one of my application which I am developing.So, can you give me an idea that how to do that?
I saw your code under developer information but where is the library?Can I use those libraries in my project?
I like the solution proposed by Peter. My phone uses Android 2.1 and 2.2 (still no update to 2.3). But I can use SaladoConverter to produce six cube tiles.
Hallo Frank, are there any news about Panodroid?
Panodroid is now open source

Exciting news from Panodroid! Panodroid is now open source and becomes OpenPanodroid.

Unfortunately, I had very little time to further improve Panodroid. I am currently working on a number of very interesting research questions that just don't leave me enough time for Panodroid. Although Panodroid is stable, I know there are some open feature requests, mostly about GUI features. Personally, I am more interested in the algorithms and distribution aspects, which from my point of view have been solved. Therefore, I hope the community will give OpenPanodroid a hand, and add some more features, or fix bugs -- if there are any ;) I also hope that the source code is helpful for other projects that require a fast high-quality panorama image viewer, or just to learn how OpenPanodroid converts and renders panoramas (e.g., using OpenGL and native code)

The full source code can be downloaded from github:

I am looking forward to any feedback how you modified and used OpenPanodroid!

Best regards,
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