Panodroid Support and Feedback

This post is for everyone who wants to give feedback about Panodroid, a free panorama viewer app for mobile devices that I have implemented as a personal, non-commercial project.

What is Panodroid all about?
Panodroid is an interactive panorama image viewer for Google's Android platform targeted at smart phones and tablets. It displays equirectangular panorama images (360 deg x 180 deg spherical panoramas) hosted at Flickr, local images stored on the device, or from any user-defined URL. The user can rotate the view by 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. Panodroid supports kinetic rotation and tag-based image queries. It can also act as generic panorama image viewer for other third-party apps. For a more detailed description of Panodroid, please visit its web page, or watch a video (the video is slightly outdated since Panodroid is not only a panorama viewer for Flickr images anymore, but a general purpose panorama viewer):

Video: Panodroid -- An Interactive Panorama Viewer for Android

What is this post all about?
As said above, it is for everyone who wants to give me feedback about Panodroid. Feedback includes feature requests, bug reports, criticism, questions, discussions, or anything else, you want to let me know about Panodroid---including positive feedback ;-) Of course, you can also send me feedback by e-mail. However, if you post feedback here, I can also post my answer here for everyone who might have a similar question, problem, request, etc.

What is this post not about?
This post does not replace the Google Market feedback mechanism. So please go on rating and commenting on Panodroid also in the Market. However, the Market feedback mechanism is more or less a "one-way street" where I don't have the chance to answer directly.

And now: Enjoy Panodroid, and let me know about your experience.
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